Passenger List – Ship “Unity”

Updated: 31 July 2014:

This page is an attempt to compile a list of the Scottish prisoners-of-war who were deported on 11 November 1650 from England arriving at Charlestown, Massachusetts in early 1651 on the ship Unity.

These approximately 150 Scottish prisoners of war which arrived in Massachusetts Bay were a small remnant of the prisoners from the Battle of Dunbar which numbered in the thousands. Many perished in England or were banished to other countries to serve time.

As far as I know, there has never been an original list/document found of the Scottish prisoners of war which came to the New World on the ship Unity in early 1651.

The lists/documents I am using to compile the list below were created by reputable American genealogists doing English research between 1908 and 1917 in England and America.

Elizabeth (French) Bartlett was an experienced and esteemed genealogist of her day.

“Quiet, soft-spoken, unassuming, yet she possessed one of the most accomplished genealogical minds of our century. Elizabeth French Bartlett, a prodigious contributor to the Society’s Committee on English Research, the woman responsible for uncovering the English origins of dozens of early New Englanders, has been called the best of a small group of our country’s leading women genealogists. She was remembered recently by John Insley Coddington, whose profound genealogical memory spans almost seven decades of American and European research.” – PLEASE SEE: “Home to Excellence: Our Best Women Genealogists

Most of Elizabeth’s independent research happened before her marriage to Joseph Gardner Bartlett in 1918, when she was still Miss Elizabeth French. Elizabeth (French) Bartlett outlived her husband and at her death she left “18 cartons” of genealogical papers which became the “Bartlett Collection” and the list below is compiled from two specific documents from the Bartlett Collection in the R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, Massachusetts.

I call these documents the “Iron Works Inventory” and the “The Dunbar Prisoners” list and I am in the process of trying to find out more about the origin of these lists from the New England Historic and Genealogical Society.

So the names found on my list below come from these two documents.

Scotch Prisoners #4and

Scotch Prisoners #1

The “French Collection – SG – BAR” notation was made informally by Daniel Jenkins when he was doing some research for me in 2007. It technically is the “Bartlett Collection,” Bartlett being Elizabeth’s married name as of 1918. :) The circles around the names below were also made by Dan Jenkins.

Scotch Prisoners #2

Scotch Prisoners #3

These documents appear to be a collection of letters of correspondence between Elizabeth French and George S. Stewart of the Reade Historical and Genealogical Association, Boston, Massachusetts, while she was living at #6 Haymarket, London, S. W., England, UK.

So, since we do not have any other lists at this time, I am combining these two lists above into ONE alphabetical list (to make it easier for checking) as a working list for the purpose of furthering our research efforts.

The documents alone, are not definitive proof that these men were from the Battle of Dunbar and arrived on the Unity, that being said, these names were not just “pulled out of a hat” by these reputable genealogists.  There is a reason these particular names are on this list. We can use this list, along with other records, to help us establish a connection that hopefully one day will find these men together on the same ship in 1651.

On the bottom of the “Iron Works Inventory” above it says “Captured at Dunbar, Sept. 3, 1650, Deported Nov. 1650, with 115 others,” so 35+115= 150 pows. But the “The Dunbar Prisoner” list has only 112 names listed. That leaves us with 3 missing names???

So this list includes the 35 men from the Irons Works Inventory plus the 112 men from The Dunbar Prisoners list, a total of 147 men.

1. James Adams: Iron Works Inventory; HTHT [Made a don. to SCS on 6 Jan 1657.]
2. Niven Agnew: The Dunbar Prisoners; OBHS; SECA; Mini Biography
3. Archibald Anderson: The Dunbar Prisoners; SPRC [maybe not a Scots POW]
4. John Archibald: Iron Works Inventory
5. John Bank: Iron Works Inventory; SPRC
6. John [Mac/Mc] Bean: The Dunbar Prisoners; EHM; GENI; SPRC; PPFBW
7. John Bennett: The Dunbar Prisoners, Bio., {Made a don. to SCS on 6 Jan 1657.]
8. Alexander Bogle: The Dunbar Prisoners, [Made a don. to SCS on 6 Jan 1657.]
9. John Bohannon: The Dunbar Prisoners [A John Buchanan donated to SCS]
10. Alexander Bow/Bowe: The Dunbar Prisoners; D; R
11. George Brace [possibly "Bruce"]: The Dunbar Prisoners, Bio.
12. Alexander Brebner: Iron Works Inventory
13. Henry Brown: The Dunbar Prisoners
14. John Burbean: The Dunbar Prisoners
15. Alexander Burges: Iron Works Inventory
16. William Cahoon: The Dunbar Prisoners; D; R; Bio.
17. Duncan Chisholm: The Dunbar Prisoners
18. John Clark/Clarke: Iron Works Inventory; GENI; Mini Biography, [Made a don. to SCS 6 Jan 1657.]
19. James Cleghorn: The Dunbar Prisoners; D; R
20. Alexander Cooper: The Dunbar Prisoners; OBHS; SPRC; Mini Biography
21. Hercules Corser: The Dunbar Prisoners, Bio
22. James Danielson: Iron Works Inventory
23. George Darling: Iron Works Inventory; Mini Biography
24. Patrick Denmark: The Dunbar Prisoners
25. Alexander Douglas: The Dunbar Prisoners
26. Malcolm Downing: Iron Works Inventory
27. Thomas Dowty: The Dunbar Prisoners
28. Robert Dunbar: The Dunbar Prisoners; D; R; Biography
29. James Dunsmore: Iron Works Inventory; SPRC
30. William Eager: The Dunbar Prisoners
31. Daniel Elder: The Dunbar Prisoners
32. William Emery: TDP
33. Patrick Fassett (alias M’PHERSON): The Dunbar Prisoners; D; R
34. Daniel Ferguson: The Dunbar Prisoners; OBHS
35. John Ferguson: The Dunbar Prisoners
36. Daniel Forbes (alias FORBUSH): The Dunbar Prisoners
37. James Forbes: The Dunbar Prisoners
38. John Forbush: TDP
39. James Fresell: The Dunbar Prisoners
40. John Fresell: TDP, [SCS records]
41. William “Furbish: TDP; OBHS; D; R
42. William Gibson: TDP, [A "Wm. Gibson" made a donation to the Scots Charitable Society on 6 Jan 1657, and he was president of the society on 25 Oct 1684 in Boston. Shoemaker.]
43. James Gordon: Iron Works Inventory; HTHT
44. William Gowen (alias SMITH): TDP; D; R; Mini Biography
45. James Grant: TDP; Mini Biography, [A "James Grant" made a donation to SCS 6 Jan 1657.]
46. Peter Grant: Iron Works Inventory; OBHS; SPRC; GENI; Mini Biography, [Made donation to Scots Charitable Society 6 Jan 1657.]
47. Thomas Grant: The Dunbar Prisoners
48. George Gray: The Dunbar Prisoners; OBHS
49. John Gregory: The Dunbar Prisoners
50. Alexander Grimes: Iron Works Inventory
51. Henry Grimes: The Dunbar Prisoners
52. John Hamilton: The Dunbar Prisoners #40; Descendant; Researcher; Mini Biography
53.  James Hay: The Dunbar Prisoners
54. Alexander Innes: Iron Works Inventory, Bio.
55. Edward Irwin: The Dunbar Prisoners
56. Andrew Jameson: IWI, [Made a donatuon to the Scots Charitable Society on 6 Jan 1657.]
57. William Jordan: Iron Works Invemtory
58. Robert Junkins: The Dunbar Prisoners, Mini Biography (See the Robert Junkins Story!)
59. Thomas Kelton: IWI; HTHT
60. John Key: The Dunbar Prisoners; OBHS
61. John Kneeland: The Dunbar Prisoners, [Made a donation to the SCS on 6 Jan 1657.]
62. James “Ladle” [Liddell?]: IWI
63. John “Maccoon” [Magoon, McGoon?]: The Dunbar Prisoners
64. Alexander Macxy (alias MAXWELL): TDP; OBHS
65. Henry Magoon/Magoun [McGoon?]: The Dunbar Prisoners (see Exeter History Minute)
66. John Magoon/Magoun: TDP, Bio., D, R
67. Daniel “Makiah“: TDP
68. Patrick Mark: The Dunbar Prisoners
69. John Marshall: TDP
70. John Mason: Iron Works Inventory, [Made a donation to SCS on 6 Jan 1657.]
71. Alexander Maxwell: TDP; Mini Biography
72. Duncan M’Call/McCall: The Dunbar Prisoners
73. James M’Call/McCall: The Dunbar Prisoners; IWI; D; R; Bio.
74. John M’Callum: The Dunbar Prisoners
75. Malcolm M’Callum: Iron Works Inventory, [A "Malcome Makcallome" made a donation to the Scots Charitable Society on 6 Jan 1657.]
76. John M’Clay: The Dunbar Prisoners
77. John M’Coy: The Dunbar Prisoners
78. Alexander M’Donald: TDP
79. Daniel M’Donald: TDP
80. Dennis M’Donald: TDP
81. Neil M’Donald: TDP
82. Allan M’Dougall: The Dunbar Prisoners
83. Alexander M’Dougall: IWI
84. Henry “Merrow” [Merre?]: TDP, Bio.
85. Purdie M’Farland/MacFarland: TDP, D, R
86.  James Middleton: TDP
87. Games Miller: TDP
88. Robert “Mimy“/Meany: IWI; HTHT
89. Malcolm M’Intire/McIntyre: TDP, Bio.
90. Philip M’Intire/McIntyre: The Dunbar Prisoners
91. Robert M’IntireThe Dunbar Prisoners
92. Daniel M’Kay: TDP
93. Robert M’Lachlan: TDP
94. John M’Leod: TDP
95. Mordicai M’Leod: TDP
96. Alester M’Milan: TDP
97. Ingraham Moody: IWI; D, R, Bio.
98. James Moore: TDP [A "James Moore" donated to the Scots Charitable Society on 6 Jan 1657.]
99. Mathew Moore: TDP
100.  Alexander M’Nair: TDP
101. Walter Morey: TDP
102. Angus M’Pherson [McPherson?]: TDP
103. James M’Rorie/Mackerory/Mackerwithey (alias M’WITHEE): TDP
104. John M’Shane: IWI
105. James Murray: TDP
106. William M’Water: IWI
107. Andrew Neill: TDP
108. John Neale: TDP; OBHS
109. James Orr: TDP
110. Charles Philips: TDP
111. John Paul: TDP
112. William Paul: TDP
113. Walter Power? [Tower?]: TDP
114. John Purdie: IWI
115. Andrew Rankin: TDP
116. John Rankin: TDP
117. Dermot Rose: TDP
118. Roger Rose: TDP
119. Finlay Ross: TDP
120. Gilchrist Ross: TDP
121. John Ross: TDP; OBHS
122. Thomas Ross: TDP
123. John Roy: TDP
124. John “Rubton” [Upton]: IWI, See: George C. Upton
125.. Andrew Runciman: TDP
126. James Scollay [Scolley, Schoalla?]: TDP [SCS records, key-keeper, 1726]
127. John Sinclair: TDP (possibly lived in Exeter, NH, see Exeter History Minute)
128. James Stark: TDP
129. Alexander Stewart: TDP, R, Bio.
130. Daniel Stewart: TDP
131. Duncan Stewart: TDP, D, R, Bio.
132. Hugh Stewart: TDP
133. James Stewart: TDP
134. John Stewart: Iron Works Inventory; HTHT; Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785, page 34, by David Dobson; Bio. died 21 Apr 1691 in Springfield, Massachusetts
135. William Stewart: TDP
136. James [Most likely "John" rather than James!] Taylor: IWI, ; OBHS; SPRC, Bio.
137. George Thompson: IWI [A "George Thomson" made a donation to the Scots' Charitable Society on 6 Jan 1657.]
138. James Thompson: IWI
139. William Thompson/Thomson: TDP, OBHS; D, R
140. John “Toish” [Tosh?]: IWI, Bio.
141. Thomas Tower: IWI
142. Thomas Walter: IWI
143. James Warren: TDP, OBHS; Bio.
144. James Webster: TDP, [A "James Webster" made don. to SCS on 6 Jan 1657.]
145. Duncan Williamson: TDP
146. Robert Wilson: The Dunbar Prisoners
147. Edward Wyer: The Dunbar Prisoners, Biography

EHM= Exeter History Minute from Exeter, New Hampshire
GENI = “Profile Page”
IWI = “Iron Works Inventory” from the Elizabeth (French) “Bartlett Collection”
HTHT = Hammersmith Through the Historical Texts by Janet Regan and Curtis White
NEHGS = New England Historic Genealogical Society “Scots For Sale
OBHS = Old Berwick Historical Society
PPFBW = Possibly a Prisoner from the Battle of Worcestor
SCS = Scots’ Charitable Society member and donor
SECA = Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785, by David Dobson, c 1994.
SPRC = Scots Prisoners and Their Relocation to the Colonies at
TDP = “The Dunbar Prisoners” from the Elizabeth (French) “Bartlett Collection”
D = A descendant contact is available.
R = A researcher contact is available.
Bio. = Some biographical information is available.

For More Information:
Scots For Sale: The Fate of the Scottish Prisoners in 17th Century Massachusetts by Diane Rappaport at the NEHGS’ online American website.

Scots Prisoners and their Relocation to the Colonies 1650-1654 at

30 Responses to Passenger List – Ship “Unity”

  1. Ken says:

    How did you compile this list? To my understanding from my research, the Unity’s ship manifest arriving in Boston in 1651 has never been found. ~ Ken Stuart-Anderson (Duncan Stewart)

  2. Internet says:

    I think the first name on your list is incorrect. It should be James Adams, not John Adams. See Page 4 of your document.

  3. Wesley Edminister says:

    Hi, I do not see my relative John Edministeire on your Unity list, though he survived the Battle of Dunbar and was indentured in America. Maybe he’s your 150th?

  4. Bonny Beall says:

    I don’t see my ancestors name on the list. He was at the battle of Dunbar and was also indentured in America. His name was Ninian Bell when he got on the ship. He later added an A to make it Beall.

    • Bonny, the main list above was compiled not by me but Elizabeth (French) Bartlett about 100 years ago. I do see that David Dobson says that Ninian Bell was banished to Barbados in 1650 as a prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar, and arrived in Maryland in 1652, he may or may not have traveled on the ship “Unity.” Do you have more information about him?

  5. Bonny says:

    That ia the same info I have about him arriving in Maryland.. I am not sure what ship he was on.

  6. James R. Dodge says:

    I am tracing Tristram Dodge who was a prisoner after the Battle of Dunbar, 1650. He eventually arrived in Massachusetts and settled as a fisherman on Block Island RI. I would like to learn what ship he came over on. He is not on the Unity list.

    Thank you, James Renfrew Dodge

  7. Charles Bruce says:

    I believe the passenger listed as “George Brace” is in fact “George Bruce”. An ink blob covers the “u”. If you look at her “a”s they are quite narrow. The “u”s are broad as is this one.

    The family has been looking for him on the Unity passenger list for a long time. Thanks for publishing this.

    We first find George in the record as married in 1659. Died 1692 Woburn.

  8. Charles D. Bruce says:

    Glad to be a contact. George Bruce of Woburn is easy to find on Google with lots of hits. Our family story was that he used “George Brush” for a time as he had troubles with the English authorities and later in his life he went back to his real name “Bruce.”

  9. Pingback: John Vargason to America | Vargason/Howe Family History

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  11. Michael Forbush says:

    Thanks for posting this, I am a descendant of your #36 Daniel Forbush.

  12. Michael Forbush says:

    I don’t know if you know this, but #41 William Furbush is #36 Daniel Forbes brother. This is from some research that I have done.

    By November 11, 1650 Sir Arthur Haselrig was told to deliver 150 prisoners Augustine Walker the master of the ship Unity. Among these prisoners were Daniel and William Forbes. Walker sold Daniel and William Forbes to Samson Angier of Kittery, Maine for £30 each. William remained with Samson while Daniel was either sold or given to his brother Edmund Angier of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    • marsille says:

      Michael, I am descended from William Furbush through my great-grandmother, Gertrude Furbush (daughter of Floriman Furbush). Have you considered doing the Forbes DNA project on Familytree DNA? It would be great to see how the Furbushes match up with the different Forbes families.

  13. Susan Tripp Snider says:

    I am glad to have found this site. My ancestor was Daniel Stewart, who reportedly settled in Barnstable, Mass. and later moved to Martha’s Vineyard. Is there a way to find out where in Scotland he was born?

  14. Pingback: They Came From Scotland - The In-Depth GenealogistThe In-Depth Genealogist

  15. Christy Blevins says:

    Looking for my ancestor, John Bunch, who would have immigrated to the Virginia Colony in 1650-1651. Would he be one of these indentured servants? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

  16. Kate Kelley-Howe says:

    I believe that “93. Robert M’Lachlan: TDP” is this same Robert:

    See entry: “When and where Robert Mackclothlan landed in this country
    may never be determined. An exhaustive search of the early rec-
    ords of Essex and Suffolk counties, Mass., reveals no record earlier
    than Nov. 4, 1661. According to the custom of those days,
    no person was admitted to citizenship unless he had lived for some
    time in the community and was acceptable to the townsmen.
    Thus it follows that Robert must have been in this country prior
    to 1 66 1. In various branches of the family the tradition is that he
    was a Scotch soldier. It is quite probable that Robert was one of
    the Scotch prisoners captured by Cromwell at the Battle of Dun-
    bar, some of whom were sent by him to New England. Upon
    their arrival their services were sold for a term of years. ”

    Robert MacLachlan (Robert McClaflin) is my 8th GGrandfather… I have just begun research on him…
    Thank you,
    Kate Kelley-Howe

  17. Hi, Kate, Please join us at our Yahoo Group “” where you can share what you know about your Scottish ancestor and learn more about our Scottish POWs. We also have a Scottish POW DNA Study going. Do you have any MALE cousins or uncles who can contribute their DNA sample for the surname McClaflin?

  18. Margaret Ann Samuels says:

    Robert Dunbar, no. 28 on your list, was my ancestor; later Dunbars were and maybe are in Otsego County, upstate New York, from where my grandmother Nellie Dunbar moved to South Dakota.

  19. Heather Ford says:

    Hi I a a descendant of Philip McIntyre and could add some information about his life. How would I do that?

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