Thomas Grant, #55 on the John and Sara passenger list

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Published on: 30 June 2016

Name Variations: Grant, Graunt

Thomas Grant, is believed to be a Scottish prisoner of war from the Battle of Worcester exiled to the New World in 1651, arriving in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1652 on the ketch, John & Sara.

Grants on the John & Sara Passenger List:
45. John Grant
46. Alexander Graunt
47. Alester Graunt
48. Daniel Graunt
49. James Graunt [Grant?]
50. James Graunt
51. James Graunt
52. John Graunt [Grant?]
53. John Graunt
54. Patrick Graunt
55. Thomas Graunt
56. William Graunt

Descendants and Researchers:
Brian Davis – – Probable Descendant (Testing DNA)
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust – – Researcher

First Generation in the New World

1. THOMAS GRAUNT/GRANT, was born probably in Scotland about 1630 and died at Rehoboth, Massachusetts on 12 June 1690. He married at Rehoboth probably about 1666, SARAH BROOK/BROOKS.

Biographical Notes:
The first record of Thomas Grant in Rehoboth is as a witness for a release of a bond on 29 Aug 1657. See below book.

My maternal grandmother’s cousin, Myron Scott, authored the book, ‘Ten Generations of Grants,’ published in 1971, which links my ancestry to Thomas Grant, listed as a prisoner from the Battle of Worcester and indentured servant transported on the John and Sarah in 1651. The documentation linking the first generation of Grants to second generation is noted to be sparse. As we discussed, a Y chromosome test from a descendant that is completely patrilineal would be helpful for this group’s research, and eventually establishing that Thomas Grant on the John and Sarah, was the great grandfather of this Captain George Grant, patriot at Valley Forge, participant in the Pompton Mutiny and Whiskey Insurrection:

My second cousin, Paul Grant, III, fits the bill and has indicated his willingness to participate.
~ Brian Davis

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We also have these Dunbar prisoners which came on the Unity:
45. James Grant, #34 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list
46. Peter Grant, #11 on the “Scots at Lynn 1653. Iron Works Inventory” Y-DNA Study
47. Thomas Grant, #35 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list
~ Teresa