“John and Sara” Passengers’ List

Updated: 23 Feb 2014
This is a transcription of the list of passengers on the ship “John and Sara” as printed in the New England Historical and Genealogical RegisterThese 272 men listed below were from the Battle of Worcester on 3 Sep 1651. They were all deported to Massachusetts Bay in November 1651. Most of them never saw their Scottish homeland or families again. They now have thousands of descendants in America!

From “Scots for Sale” at American Ancestors:
“Few of the Scots who survived Worcester ever returned home.[4] Thousands of prisoners were “driven like cattle” to London. As one witness described the convoy, “all of them [were] stript, many of them cutt, some without stockings or shoes and scarce so much left upon them as to cover their nakedness, eating peas and handfuls of straw in their hands which they had pulled upon the fields as they passed.”[5] At temporary prison camps in London and other cities, many prisoners died of starvation, disease and infection, while the Council of State debated what to do with the defeated multitudes. A thousand prisoners were put to work draining the fens in East Anglia; 1500 shipped out to the gold mines of Guinea; others were sent to labor in the Barbadoes and Virginia; and in November, 272 Scots were herded aboard the John and Sara, bound for New England.[6]”

You can also see the list at Google Books:
Suffolk Deeds by Suffolk, Massachusetts, LIBER I.
Boston: Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, No. 39 Arch Street. 1880.

NEHGS = On list as printed in the NEHGS Register.
DSBAP = Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations by David Dobson c. 1983
D = A descendant contact is available.
R = A researcher contact is available.
BIO = Some biographical information is available.

1. Alester Anderson: NEHGS; DSBAP
2. David Anderson: NEHGS; DSBAP
3. John Anderson: NEHGS; DSBAP
4. William Anderson: NEHGS; DSBAP; BIO
5. William Banes: NEHGS
6. William Beames [Bemis?]: NEHGS
7. John Beme: NEHGS
8. James Benne: NEHGS
9. Thomas Bereere: NEHGS
10. Daniel Blacke: NEHGS, Bio.
11. Robert Boy: NEHGS
12. John Boye: NEHGS
13. John Boye: NEHGS
14. Henry Brounell: NEHGS
15. John Brow: NEHGS
16. John Buckanen [Buchanan?]: NEHGS
17. David Bukanon [Buchanan?]: NEHGS
18. James Camell [Campbell?]: NEHGS
19. Neile Camell [Neil Campbell?]: NEHGS
20. John Cannell: NEHGS
21. William Carmackhell [Carmichael?]: NEHGS
22. Neile Carter: NEHGS
23. William Clewston: NEHGS
24. John Coehon [Cahoon?]: NEHGS
25. John Crag: NEHGS
26. John Cragon/Craggen: NEHGS, Bio.
27. James Crockford: NEHGS
28. John Croome: NEHGS
29. Patricke Crosshone: NEHGS
30. John Curmickhell [Carmichael?]: NEHGS
31. William Dell: NEHGS
32. William Dengell: NEHGS
33. Edward Dengle: NEHGS
34. Edward Dulen [Dolen?]: NEHGS
35. John Edminsteire: NEHGS
36. James English: NEHGS
37. Patrick English: NEHGS
38. James Farfason [Ferguson?]: NEHGS
39. Michael Ffossem [Folsom?]: NEHGS
40. Edward Ffressell/Fressell: NEHGS
41. William Ffressell/Fressell: NEHGS, BIO
42. James Gorden: NEHGS
43. Daniel Gordon: NEHGS
44. Laughleth Gordon: NEHGS
45. John Grant: NEHGS
46. Alexander Graunt: NEHGS
47. Alester Graunt: NEHGS
48. Daniel Graunt: NEHGS
49. James Graunt [Grant?]: NEHGS
50. James Graunt: NEHGS
51. James Graunt: NEHGS
52. John Graunt [Grant?]: NEHGS
53. John Graunt: NEHGS
54. Patrick Graunt: NEHGS
55. Thomas Graunt: NEHGS
56. William Graunt: NEHGS
57. Daniel Gunn: NEHGS
58. John Gurdon [Gordon]: NEHGS
59. James Gurner: NEHGS
60. George Hame: NEHGS
61. David Hamilton: NEHGS; Directory of Scots…; BIO
62. James Hamilton: NEHGS; Directory of Scots…
63. Rory Hamilton: NEHGS; Directory of Scots…
64. John Hanoman: NEHGS; Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775 by David Dobson
65. Patrick Harron: NEHGS
66. James Hedericke: NEHGS
67. William Hidrecke: NEHGS
68. Robert Higben: NEHGS
69. David Hinne?: NEHGS
70. Daniel Hogg: NEHGS
71. John Hogg: NEHGS
72. John Hogg: NEHGS
73. John Hogg: NEHGS
74. Niele [Neil?] Hogg: NEHGS
75. Daniel How: NEHGS
76. Daniel Hudson: NEHGS
77. John Hudson: NEHGS
78. Alestre [Alastair?] Hume: NEHGS
79. David Hume: NEHGS
80. James Jackson: NEHGS
81. Richard Jackson: NEHGS
82. Walter Jackson: NEHGS, D, R, BIO
83. Patricke Jacson [Patrick Jackson?]: NEHGS
84. David Jameson: NEHGS
85. Neile Jameson: NEHGS
86. John Jamnell: NEHGS
87. David Jeller: NEHGS
88. John Jenler: NEHGS
89. Robert Jenler: NEHGS
90. Andrew Jerris: NEHGS
91. Partick Jimson [Jameson?]: NEHGS
92. Neile Johnson: NEHGS
93. Patrick Jones: NEHGS
94. David Kallender: NEHGS
95. James Kallender: NEHGS
96. Danell [Daniel?] Kemper: NEHGS
97. Charles Lesten: NEHGS
98. Alester [Alastair] Lowe: NEHGS
99. Rory Machy [MacKay?]: NEHGS
100. Henry Mack___?: NEHGS
101. Daniell Mackajne [MacCagney?]: NEHGS
102. Daniel Mackajne: NEHGS
103. Neile Mackajne: NEHGS
104. Robert Mackajne: NEHGS
105. Samuel Mackajne: NEHGS
106. William Mackajne: NEHGS
107. William Mackajne: NEHGS
108. John Mackalester [MacAlastair?]: NEHGS
109. Almister Mackalinsten [MacAlaston?]: NEHGS
110. James Mackally: NEHGS
111. William Mackandra: NEHGS
112. John Mackane [MacCain?]: NEHGS
113. Patrick Mackane: NEHGS
114. Daniel Mackannel [Daniel MacConnell in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
115. ____  Mackannel: NEHGS
116. William Mackannell [William MacConnell in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
117. Sander Mackcunnell [Alexander MacConnell in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
118. Cana Mackcurnall [Cana MacConnell in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
119. John Mackdonell [MacDonald?]: NEHGS
120. Sander Mackdonell [Alexander MacDonald?]: NEHGS
121. Daniel Mackennell [MacConnell?]: NEHGS
122. William Macken: NEHGS
123. Daniell Mackendocke [Daniel MacKintock?]: NEHGS
124. John Mackenthow: NEHGS
125. David Macketh: NEHGS
126. Neile Macketh: NEHGS
127. Hugh Mackey [MacKay?]: NEHGS
128. John Mackey [MacKay?]: NEHGS
129. Sander Mackey: NEHGS
130. Origlais Mackfarson [MacPherson?]: NEHGS
131. Robert Mackfarson: NEHGS
132. _____  Mackfarson: NEHGS
133. John Mackforsen [MacPherson?]: NEHGS
134. Daniell Mackhan [MacCann?/Machen?]: NEHGS
135. Robert Mackhane [MacCain?]: NEHGS
136. Patricke Mackhatherne: NEHGS
137. Alester Mackhele [Alastair MacHale/]: NEHGS
138. James Mackhell: NEHGS
139. Daniel Mackhellin: NEHGS
140. John Mackhellin [MacKellan?]: NEHGS
141. Alester Mackhene [MacCain?]: NEHGS
142. Daniel Mackhoe: NEHGS
143. John Mackholme  [John Maccolm in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
144. David Mackhome [David Maccolm in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
145. Neile Mackhone  [Neil Maccone in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS
146. Hill Mackie [MacKay?]: NEHGS
147. Murtle Mackjlude [MacLeod?]: NEHGS
148. John Macklude [MacLeod?]: NEHGS
149. ____ Macklyne [MacClain?]: NEHGS
150. Daniel Mackneile [MacNeil?]: NEHGS
151. James Mackneile: NEHGS
152. Patrick Mackneile [MacNeil?]: NEHGS
153. ___ster Macknell [Alastair MacNeil?]: NEHGS
154. Daniel Macknell [Daniel MacNeil?]: NEHGS
155. Allester [Alastair] Macknester [MacMaster?]: NEHGS
156. Samell [Samuel?] Mackneth: NEHGS
157. Daniel Macknith: NEHGS
158. Daniel Macknith: NEHGS
159. Patrick Macknith: NEHGS
160. Senly Mackonne [MacOwen?]: NEHGS
161. William Mackontoss [MacIntosh?]: NEHGS
162. James Mackreith [MacCreith?] NEHGS
163. Alestre Mackrore [Alastair MacRory?]: NEHGS
164. Cana Macktentha: NEHGS
165. Glester Macktomas [MacThomas?]: NEHGS
166. Patrick Macktreth: NEHGS
167. Daniel Mackwell [Maxwell?]: NEHGS
168. Gellust Mackwilliam [MacWilliam?]: NEHGS
169. Daniel Makalester [MacAlastair?]: NEHGS
170. Daniel Mann: NEHGS
171. John Mann: NEHGS
172. Patrick Mann: NEHGS
173. Daniel Martjn [Martin?]: NEHGS
174. James Michell [Mitchell?]: NEHGS
175. James Mickell [MacCale?]: NEHGS
176. James Micknab [MacNab?]: NEHGS
177. Sander [Alexander?] Miller: NEHGS
178. Sander [Alexander] Milleson: NEHGS
179. David Milward: NEHGS
180. James Milward: NEHGS
181. Daniel Monlow [Munroe?]: NEHGS
182. Hugh Monrow [Munroe?]: NEHGS
183. John Monrow: NEHGS
184. Robert Monrow: NEHGS
185. _____ Monrow: NEHGS
186. Laughlell Montrosse: NEHGS
187. Daniel Monwilliam: NEHGS
188. David Monwilljam [Monwilliam?]: NEHGS
189. James Moore: NEHGS
190. ____  More [Moore]: NEHGS
191. John Morre [Moore?]: NEHGS
192. John Morre: NEHGS
193. Sannder [Alexander] Morrot [Merritt?]: NEHGS
194. Patrick Morton: NEHGS
195. Neile Muckstore: NEHGS
196. William Munckrell: NEHGS
197. James Murrow: NEHGS
198. John Murrow: NEHGS
199. John Murrow: NEHGS
200. Jonas Murrow: NEHGS
201. Neile Murrow: NEHGS
202. Daniel Oneale [Irish spelling o’Neil?]: NEHGS
203. David Patterson: NEHGS
204. James Pattison [James Patterson in Directory of Scots…?]: NEHGS, BIO.; Descendant and Researcher
206. Edward Punn: NEHGS
207. George Quenne [Quinn?]: NEHGS
208. Amos Querne: NEHGS
209. Alester Rallendra: NEHGS
210. Patrick Robertson: NEHGS
211. Alester Robinson: NEHGS
212. Charles Robinson: NEHGS
213. Daniel Robinson: NEHGS
214. James Robinson: NEHGS
215. John Robinson: NEHGS
216. John Robinson: NEHGS
217. Alester Ross: NEHGS
218. Daniel Ross: NEHGS
219. James Ross: NEHGS
220. James Ross: NEHGS
221. Jonas Ross: NEHGS
222. David Rosse [Ross?]: NEHGS
223. John Rosse [Ross?]: NEHGS
224. John Rosse: NEHGS
225. John Rosse: NEHGS
226. James Rowe: NEHGS
227. Donald Roye: NEHGS
228. Simon Russell: NEHGS
229. John Scott: NEHGS
230. Daniel Sessor: NEHGS
231. John Shenne: NEHGS
232. Ansell Sherron: NEHGS
233.James Shone: NEHGS
234. Dan Shuron: NEHGS
235. Alester Simson (Alastair Simpson?]: NEHGS
236. Daniel Simson: NEHGS
237. Daniel Simson: NEHGS
238. David Simson: NEHGS
239. Sander [Alexander] Simson: NEHGS
240. Salamon Sinclare [Solomon Saint Claire?]: NEHGS
241. Patrick Smison [Simson?]: NEHGS
242. Henry Smith: NEHGS; Directory of Scots Banished…
243. Ansel Sotherland [Sutherland?]: NEHGS
244. Patrick Sotherland: NEHGS
245. David Sterling: NEHGS
246. John Sterling: NEHGS
247.Austin Stewart: NEHGS
248. Charles Stewart: NEHGS
249. Neile Stewart: NEHGS
250. Robert Stewart: NEHGS
251. William Stewart: NEHGS
252. William Teller: NEHGS
253. David Tenler: NEHGS
254. Evan Tiler [Taylor/Tyler?]: NEHGS
255. Alexander Tompson [Thompson?]: NEHGS
256. Alester Tooth: NEHGS
257. Patricke Tower: NEHGS
258. Nicholas Wallis [Wallace?]: NEHGS
259. Andrew Wilson: NEHGS
260. Christopher Wilson: NEHGS
261. John Wilson: NEHGS
262. John Wilson: NEHGS
263. John WoodallNEHGS
264. John WoodellNEHGS
265. Allester _____?: NEHGS
266. Daniel _____?: NEHGS
267. Patricke _____?: NEHGS
268. Patricke _____?: NEHGS
269. P____? _____?: NEHGS
270. _____ _____?: NEHGS
271. _____ _____?: NEHGS
272. _____ _____?: NEHGS

33 Responses to “John and Sara” Passengers’ List

  1. I presume that the Daniel ——- is DIll or MacDill. Because I read that ht was on the John and Sara. Thanks, Mary Ellen Libby Aube

  2. Hi, Mary Ellen Libby Aube! I will add him as a Daniel Dill, would you send me a reference where it says he was on the John and Sara? Thanks!

  3. Leanne Ferguson says:

    Thank you for the list.

      • Katey Bean says:

        Thanks so much for collecting information about the POWs. I am descended from Alexander Thomson of Ipswich, MA, and my husband is descended from John Bean of Exeter, NH. Both were on the John & Sara. We didn’t realize the connection until just recently, but we’ve known each other for 27 years and been married for 14 of those years. What a funny coincidence! If you’d like information on Alexander, I would be happy to share what I have. My mother’s maiden name was Thompson, and I have traced her ancestry back to Alexander on her father’s side.

      • How wonderful! Yes, I would like the information! Please send to “read2befree@yahoo.com

  4. I am still working on it. It is difficult to check it out as I no longer live in Maine. We moved to Tennessee 20 years ago. But I will keep trying. Mary Ellen

  5. Tara Cone Dooley says:

    I believe Daniel Mackhome may be Daniel Cone, born in 1626, died 1706 in Haddam, CT. I am the 10th generation from him. Looking for info about his parents. Suggestions are that they were McEwens displaced from Loch Fyne.

  6. I am a descendant of #35 — John Edminsteire… who’s name changed spelling when he arrived here. It is now Edminster.

  7. David Edwin Hill says:

    I am a descendent of John Craggen (spelled Cragun in this list) through his daughter Sarah, who married Francis Nurse (son of Rebecca Towne Nurse hung as a witch in Salem), and also a descendent of Robert Stuart (spelled Stewart in this list) though his son James. I understand that Robert was later quite wealthy after release from slavery, probably due to the wealth of Stuarts in Scotland.

  8. David Edwin Hill says:

    Yes, I have a lot of interest in learning more about John Craggen and his wife Sarah Dawes. There are some accounts that Sarah Dawes was the eldest daughter of William Dawes and Susanna Mills of Woburn MA, but these don’t make sense considering the fact that Sarah was indentured for 10 years beginning in 1651 at the age of 11 and had two children by another Scotsman (Daniel MacDonald Mecrest) before marrying John Craggen and having eight more children. Court records document her status and the fact that she was prosecuted each time that she became pregnant. It doesn’t make sense that Sarah’s parents would indenture their first child like this, and almost all records of their family do not list Sarah with the other children. This supports the alternative view, that Sarah Dawes was an undocumented stowaway on the ship ‘John & Sara’ at age 11, reputed to have refused to let John Craggen be thrown overboard when he was stricken with the pox during the voyage. John married her at the end of her indentured period, when she was 21, and adopted her two children by Daniel Mecrest. I’d like to learn more about Robert Stuart (Stewart) also.

  9. I am a descendant of William Anderson, transported on the John and Sara, and among the original 1657 members. William made his way to New York with at least 3 adult sons (George, Isaac, and William) and became the Treasurer of New York from 1702-1706 (he died in office having been born in Aberdeenshire in 1623, the grandson of Sheriff Clerk William Anderson of Aberdeen).

  10. Terrance Anderson Filter says:

    By the way, I’ve been trying to figure out what other Andersons the above cited William may have been connected to in Aberdeenshire. The grandfather William the Sheriff Clerk is well documented as all the proceedings of the Sheriff’s court have been published and are available online for free. The sheriff clerks son George (the John and Sara’s Williams father, cf the History of the Society of Advocates of Aberdeen) was a lawyer and a Sheriff’s Deputy and may have been the George Anderson who was chamberlain to the Marquis of Huntly. The Sheriff Clerk was the son of a Robert Anderson who owned property near the Gallow Gate of Aberdeen, and he had sons named Alexander and William in addition to George. The proceedings of the Scots Parliament cite in 1643 or 44 as I recollect a number of Andersons in the employ of the commissary of the Marquis, including his “Commissary General”, in the context of their pillaging the territory for supplies for the militias that were skermishing during “the troubles”…the first names in the record had been obliterated…Grandfather William Sheriff Clerk was married to a Johnston of a cadet branch of the Caskieben Johnstons, and he was eulogized by the Latin poet Arthur Johnston (a Caskieben Johnston). The John and Sara William A was noted by genealogist Grenville Mackenzie in his document “Colonial Families of the Philipsburg Plantation” which is available through the Westchester County New York Historical Society. The John and Sara William appears in the records of the Dutch Reform Church of New Amsterdam in which he is called “from Scotland”, including his marriage to the widow of Anglican cleric Josias Clark who was born in 1622or 23 in England (note the Sheriff Clerk had been an Anglican “malignant” during the civil war suspected of “papistry”). The children of the John and Sara William also have mention in the Dutch records of the 1690’s (they begin by being spelled Andrieszen but morph into Anderson in the Dutch records), were married to Dutch women, and also make appearances in the New York city council minutes (the son William, married to the daughter of wealthy merchant and former mayor Nicholas Demeyer, was Sheriff of New York soon after the John and Sara William died). The John and Sara William and sons Isaac and William also appear in the History of Trinity Episcopal Church as contributors of money for the 1698 construction and subsequently members of the vestry. And both Williams appear in the 1703 census of New York.

  11. Patrick Arthur Patterson says:

    I descend from James Pattison #204 on the ship John & Sara list [later spelled Paterson/Patterson]. There is a fairly complete history of his life in Massachusets following his arrival there in 1651-1652. What I am looking for is information as to where in Scotland he came from. Are there any archives or databases available documenting this type of information?

    • Hi, Patrick! No, I am not aware of any databases or archives, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. One of the main reasons for this web/blog site is to bring the researcher/descendants together so we can all compare notes and thereby further our knowledge of the Scottish POWs as a whole and ultimately individually. I would love to add your name as a descendant/researcher for #204 James Pattison. Would you be willing to write up a short bio. of him to add to our pages? Teresa

      • Patrick Arthur Patterson says:

        Teresa, I would be very happy for you to list me as a descendant and researcher for James Pattison. In most of the Massachusetts records following his arrival in 1652 spell his name as Paterson and later generations spelled it Patterson. I will follow with a bio of James Pattison when I get back to my research computer. I should get it to you by tomorrow. Thanks for you help. Patrick Patterson

  12. Terrance Anderson Filter says:

    actually, it is a bit tedious and costs a bit of money,but quite a lot of info is available at scotlandspeople.gov.uk you can at least find everyone known of a certain age and name known to have been alive in Scotland at the right time, to enumerate the possibilities, and there are usually ways to find clues that eliminate some of them and make others more likely.

    • Jill Rudnitski says:

      I went to Edinburgh and went to a workshop at Scotland’s People- very reasonable, £5 if you don’t count getting to Edinburgh. I am a descendant of Daniel Cone who some think is the same person as Daniel Mackhoe, #142 on the list, but there has been nothing to link him. There was no surname Mackhoe in Edinburgh in 1626, the year Daniel Cone was supposedly born. There was one listing for a Mr. Machuchon who had a male child in 1626. That was all I could find there. Still nothing to link Daniel Cone to Daniel Mackhoe, but we tried. And it was great fun.

  13. Thanks, Terrance for helping out here. I have not used scotlanspeople.gov.uk yet.

  14. Patrick Arthur Patterson says:

    Thanks for he lead Terrance, much appreciated.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Every once in a while ScotlandsPeople has free access credits. So far no luck for me but someone else may want to give it a try.

  16. George Bean says:

    I am a 10th generation descendent of #7 John Beme whose name was changed to John Bean (of Exeter) according to Bernie Bean’s research (1970) “The Life and Family of John Bean of Exeter and His Cousins”. Any additional info other than what is included in the book would be greatly appreciated. John Bean’s descendent David Bean built the Old Bean Tavern approx 1750 in Raymond, NH. It still exists today.

  17. Bonnie Armendariz says:

    I am a decendent of Abbie Emma McIntire (1895) who descended from Philip McIntire (1630).

  18. jabbajane says:

    I thought that I would find the name of Robert Abernethy/Abernathy on one of the lists of prisioners of either war, but didn’t. Do you know of an Abernethy that was captured after Worcester and sent to the colonies as an indentured servant? thanks for the list.

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