Scottish POWs in Barbados and the Caribbean

Published: 1 Mar 2016

Many thousands of Scottish prisoners of war were sent to Barbados and other parts of the Caribbean. It is believed that MANY of the SPOWs sent on the John and Sara to the New World actually ended up in the Caribbean. Here are some fascinating facts and records:

The Cavaliers & Roundheads of Barbados, 1650-1652 By Nicholas Darnell Davis, “Argosy” Press, 1883 – Barbados – 187 pages – A Free eBook at Google [Page 148 talks about the Battle of Worcester and on page 157 it says that 130 Scots from the Battle of Worcester arrived off the Virginia Fleet in Barbados on 7 Dec 1651.]

A German Indentured Servant in Barbados in 1652 – A POW from the Battle of Worcester!

Barbados and Scotland, Links 1627-1877
By David Dobson at Google Books

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