Robert Dunbar, #16 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

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Published: 04 Jul 2014
Updated: 27 Oct 2016

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Name Variations:
Dunbarr, Dumbarr

Group 1-B, Haplogroups R-M269 and R-S5750

First Generation in the New World

1. ROBERT¹ DUNBAR, was presumably born in Scotland, possibly Morayshire about 1630-34 and died at Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts on 19 September 1693. He married at Hingham in 1657, ROSE (_____).

Children of Robert and Rose (_____) Dunbar:
2.   i. JOHN² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 1 Dec 1657; m. at Hingham on 4 July 1679, MATTATHIA/MARTHA ALDRIDGE.
2.  ii. MARY² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 25 Oct 1660; d. about 1707; m. at Hingham on 28 June 1698, ISAAC HARRIS, of Bridgewater.
2. iii. JOSEPH² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 13 March 1661/2; bap. 11 May 1662; m. at Hingham by 1692, CHRISTIAN GARNET.
2.  iv. JAMES² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 5 June 1664; bap. 5 June 1664; d. at Bridgewater, Massachusetts on 12 Dec 1690; m. at Hingham about 1683, JANE HARRIS, dau. of ISAAC HARRIS and MERCY LATHAM.
, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 1 Nov 1666; bap. 24 March 1667; died soon.
2. PETER² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on 8 September 1668; m. 27 Mar 1691, SARAH THAXTER. (Hingham Vital Records)
2. JOSHUA² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 1 Oct 1670; m. at Hingham on 21 sep 1699, HANNAH HATCH. (Hingham VR)
2. SARAH² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), m. at Hingham on 3 Jan 1696, BENJAMIN GARNETT.
2. HANNAH² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), b. at Hingham;

Second Generation

2.   i. JOHN² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on 1 Dec 1657. He married at Hingham on 4 July 1679, MATTATHIA/MARTHA ALDRIDGE.
     Children of John and Mattathia (Aldridge) Dunbar:
     3. LYDIA³ DUNBAR, (John², Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 31 Aug 1695.

2.  ii. MARY² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on 25 Oct 1660 and  died about 1707. She married, ISAAC HARRIS.
     Children of Isaac and Mary (Dunbar) Harris:
     3.  i. BENJAMIN³ HARRIS
, (Mary², Robert¹),
     3. ii. MARTHA³ HARRIS
, (Mary², Robert¹),

2. iii. JOSEPH² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on 13 March 1661/2 and baptized on  11 May 1662. He married at Hingham by 1692, CHRISTIAN GARNET.
     Children of Joseph and Christian (Garnet) Dunbar:
     3. JOANNA³ DUNBAR, (Joseph², Robert¹), m. JOHN TILSON.
          4. JOANNA TILSON, (John Tilson³, Joseph Dunbar², Robert Dunbar¹), married,                 JOSEPH WATERMAN.
5. JOSEPH WATERMAN, m. LUCY JOSSELYN MUNROE, a descendant of                     JOHN MUNROE.

2.  iv. JAMES² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on  5 June 1664 and baptized 5 June 1664. He died at Bridgewater, Massachusetts on 12 Dec 1690. James married at Hingham about 1683, JANE HARRIS, the daughter of ISAAC HARRIS and MERCY LATHAM.
     Children of James and Jane (Harris) Dunbar:
     3. i. ROBERT³ DUNBAR
, (James², Robert¹), b. 1689; d. 1706

2.   v. ROBERT² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on 1 Nov 1666 and baptized 24 March 1667. He died young.

2. PETER² DUNBAR, (Robert¹) was born at Hingham on 8 September 1668. He married at Hingham on 27 March 1691, SARAH THAXTER. (Hingham Vital Records)
     Children of Peter and Sarah (Thaxter) Dunbar:
     3. i. ABIGAIL³ DUNBAR, (Peter², Robert¹), b. at Hingham on 4 Dec 1691.
     3. ELISHA³ DUNBAR, (Peter², Robert¹),

2. JOSHUA² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham on 1 Oct 1670. He married at Hingham on 21 sep 1699, HANNAH HATCH. (Hingham VR)

2. SARAH DUNBAR, (Robert¹), married at Hingham on 3 Jan 1696, BENJAMIN GARNETT.

2. HANNAH² DUNBAR, (Robert¹), was born at Hingham.

Vital Records of Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. 1639-1844. (Online database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2006.Vital Records of Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. 1639-1844. Hersey, Reuben. Mss 901. R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department, New England Historic Genealogical Society.)

George Lincoln, The History of Hingham, Massachusetts, (Hingham: 1900)

The Descendants of Robert Dunbar of Hingham Massachusetts by Ann Chaplin pages 1 to 5 (1)

This is Sandra Andrews’ Robert Dunbar line:
Robert Dunbar m. Rose _____
Joseph Dunbar m. Christian Garnet
Joanna Dunbar m. John Tilson
Joanna Tilson m. Joseph Waterman
Joseph Waterman m. Lucy Josselyn Munroe (Lucy Josselyn Munroe is a descendent of John Munroe)
Rebecca Waterman m. George Ulmer, Jr.
Martin Ulmer m. Mary J. Stevens
Josephine Ulmer m. Sabin Otis Hardison
Laura Edrie Hardison m. Wellington Linwood Sargent
My mother
~ Shared with permission from Sandra Andrews

Written and submitted by David Dunbar on 3 Jul 2014:
“Descendant of Gospatrick, the first Earl of Dunbar and Northumberland” Robert Dunbar at Rootsweb.

David Dunbar says, “We know of all of Robert’s children born in the Colonies and that it would have been improbable for him to return to England and serve in parliament. It does give some hints of information for further research. There are literally hundreds of descendants of Robert and dozens who are somewhat active in trying to find his parents. In Scotland you see spellings of Dunbar are varied including Dunbarr and Dumbarr. The history texts often use them interchangeably within the same paragraph. I am pretty certain that Robert is the one on the list of prisoners captured at the battle of Dunbar listed as Lt. Col. Dumbarr with no first name. The general consensus is that he was literate before the battle. Notice that Clan Genealogist in North America, Ann Theopold Chaplin, is mentioned. She authored the book “The Descendants of Robert Dunbar of Hingham Massachusetts” 1992 She also did research in Scotland. Her book completes 10 generations and has 2 pages of the 11th generation, mine.” “His wife, Rose, has an unknown history.  We do not know if she came from Scotland with money to buy out Robert’s indenture ship or if she was the daughter of the owner of the Lynn iron works.  Regardless, within a couple of years of arriving on the Unity Robert paid taxes higher than all but 2 others in his township. We don’t know who Robert’s parents are nor Rose’s parents. His son Peter b 8 September 1668 is in my line.” ~ Posted with permission of David Dunbar.

Robert Dunbar genealogy at the Bratt Family History.

36 Responses to Robert Dunbar, #16 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

  1. dmsn48 says:

    I am related to the Dunbars thru robert dunbar’s son joseph …his son david ..davids son david …he had twins rueben and lucy dunbar in 1769 .. i come from lucy .. she married lewis studley . had daughter delilah born 1804 whom married asahal nott … whom had charles henry .whom had percy whom had henry

  2. Mark Dunbar says:

    I am descended from the Robert Dunbar line below. I have all the basic information on the individuals and spouses, but am looking for more specifics of their life stories, particularly with respect to the second-fifth generations. Robert>Peter>Elisha>Peter>Moses>Peter>Peter>Peter>Thomas>Jean>me

  3. Kenneth c Dunbar says:


    I am descended from Robert Dunbar of Hingham through his son Joshua and have traced the remainder of my descent using the text by Chaplain “Descendants of Robert Dunbar of Hingham” and other research done by members of my family. I believe the land referenced in Robert Dunbar’s will can be traced to the Saugus Iron Works similar to land awarded to Ferdinando Thayer in Mendon, Massachusetts. Robert Dunbar testified in that award following the bankruptcy of the Saugus Iron Works. Both the Hingham and Mendon land holdings were owned by the Saugus Iron Works and were used as timber sourcing. I will be semi retired April 2016 and will work with the Hingham Historical Society to verify the origin of the land owned by Robert Dunbar.

    • Patty says:

      Hi Kenneth. I am also from the line of Joshua Dunbar and in fact a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution through Joshuas’s Grandson Jacob who fought in the Revolution.

  4. Patty says:

    Hi Kenneth. I am also from the line of Joshua Dunbar and in fact a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution through Joshua’s Grandson Jacob who fought in the Revolution. I recently learned of the book about the Descendants of Robert by nearest is in a library 316 miles away.

  5. Rhonda Griffin says:

    Hello fellow Dunbars. My mother was a Dunbar. I’m very interested in finding out more about family. Fortunately my aunt Lurlyn Dunbar did research some years back and traced the Dunbars back to Robert in Scotland, 1630. I tried to post a couple of pictures but can’t for some reason.

  6. Rachel says:

    Hi Patty,
    Are you a DAR in Massachusetts? I am Boston Tea Party chapter and I’d like to do a supplemental on Daniel Dunbar of Hingham, but all I have for his son’s proof of birth is the son’s death certificate — and I’ve been through every microfilm in the Hingham Town Clerk’s office. Feeling a little gunshy on it.

    • Rachel, It may be best to email Patty directly? Also, I would love to know more about Daniel Dunbar myself. 🙂

    • Patty says:

      Hello Rachel:

      Sorry I did not respond sooner but I was actually in Elgin, Scotland when you sent this. I belong to the DAR Vieux Carre Chapter in New Orleans. I do not know anything about Daniel Dunbar. In fact everything I know comes from the “Descendants of Robert Dunbar” book which I recently saw in the Elgin library.

  7. Sandra Andrews says:

    This is my Robert Dunbar’s line:
    • Robert Dunbar m Rose _____
    • Joseph Dunbar m Christian Garnet
    • Joanna Dunbar m John Tilson
    • Joanna Tilson m Joseph Waterman
    • Joseph Waterman m Lucy Josselyn Munroe (Lucy Josselyn Munroe is a descendent of John Munroe)
    • Rebecca Waterman m George Ulmer, Jr.
    • Martin Ulmer m Mary J. Stevens
    • Josephine Ulmer m Sabin Otis Hardison
    • Laura Edrie Hardison m Wellington Linwood Sargent
    • My Parents
    • Me

  8. Paul says:

    would you know when, how, on what ship Robert Dunbar came to Hingham?

  9. Dr. William Dunbar says:

    I am 9th generation Dunbar. from 3rd generation Samuel, his son Peter{brother of ASA}had a son Martin, who had a son Frederic Handel Dunbar, who Had a son Henry Snell Dunbar who also had a son Henry Snell Dunbar who had a son Robert Dunbar who was my father. I am planning a trip to scotland next year if anyone can give me an idea where to start looking for Robert Dunbarr who brought all of us here it would be appreciated.

    • Hello William, Thank-you for leaving a comment! I highly recommend you join our Yahoo EMail Group at: where you will find some Dunbar cousins and can get some direction. I also recommend you join our Scottish POW Y-DNA Study. As a male Dunbar you carry your ancestors Y-DNA. And lastly, may I add you as a descendant/researcher to the Robert Dunbar page? Thanks! Teresa

    • Charles Weaver says:

      William and Teresa! Hello my name is Charles Weaver and I was doing research on my Mom’s mother’s ancestors. Apparently I’m related to the Dunbars through my 6th GGM Abigail Dunbar who married Jonathan Brown Jr. They both died in Brimfield, Mass. The Browns then married into my Brownell/Brounhill family, of which my Grandmother was a Brownell. Most of her family on both her father and mother’s side comes from the early NE colonies! I was having fun looking up stuff on this Robert Dunbar, and thought that it looked familiar. Well then I saw this DNA study. Now I know why it’s familiar. I have had my Y-DNA tested and I am a member of the DF98 subgroup under the Y-DNA marker u106. Robert and these Dunbars in your Prisoners project have the same STRs and SNP (one tested to R-S5750) as our group of Dunbars and Cockburnes in the U106 DNA project under Z18 and L257. Here is the link apparently these Dunbars and Cockburnes are descended from Scottish nobility ;-).

      • Charles Weaver says:

        Correction: It’s Charlie again! I may have made a mistake as my ancestor Nicanor Brown’s mother may have been a Priscilla and then his father Jonathan Brown later married a widow named Abigail Sargent nee Dunbar? Anyway… still possibly related through the old DNA as I do have a 5th cousin with the Hingham, Mass Dunbars showing up in his ancestry through three Josephs and a Zerviah… main point of my previous post was to link you guys to the U106 DNA project! Also in the U106 DNA project and a bit closer to me per subgrouping – under the DF98 group – are the Hamiltons descended from the David Hamilton captured at Dunbar (right?). Berwick, Maine guys!


  10. Jane Kent says:

    My Dunbar line is through my grandmother, Doris Dunbar Miller. Her line goes back to son Peter > Elisha >Silas >Josiah>Francis . Martin V.B.> Albert Field > Doris.

    I have working the genealogy off and on for over 21 years. I am pleased to see so much more information available and so many others researching. My contact is below.

    Website is a work in progress!

  11. David Dunbar says:

    Hi Cousins! David Dunbar here, Robert-Peter-James-James-Benjamin-Ruel-William Benson-George Frank-Donald George I, Donald George Jr.- me, David Dunbar.
    I am an assistant administrator of the DunbarDNA project started by Clan Dunbar. We have made a key finding on our search for Roberts line in Scotland. Here is an email from the project founder and administrator, Debra Dunbar Nowell:
    Exciting & major Dunbar Y-DNA breakthrough!!!

    Congratulations to All persons tested ZP90+ with Big Y (includes Robert Dunbar of Hingham descendants)
    We have Big Y results that put all of you into the David Dunbar of Durris, son of Alexander Dunbar & Isobel Sutherland branch of Dunbar. This is big news because we have now isolated the Hingham men and 4 other Dunbars to a specific ‘titled’ branch of Dunbar!
    You can NOW focus your research to this line only. We’ve all heard rumors over the years which continue to propagate that Robert Dunbar of Hingham is Ninian’s son Robert. This has been proved false, but it’s not too far from the truth.
    Here’s how this all played out:

    We have been doing serious advanced testing ever since the Big Y test came to market over 2 years ago. Our goal was to get our 3 main Crinan paper trailed descendants Big Y tested to establish, hopefully, 3 distinct branches that our other L1 Dunbar men could ‘fit’ into. Plus, we tested both ends of the Dunbar haplotype spectrum and in-between to get a good overall picture of Dunbar. So far we have 13 Dunbar men Big Y tested and several others completing targeted advanced testing to establish their place w/i Dunbar.
    One of our first Big Y testers was Bob Dunbar (D-2) with many unique/novels SNP results. Then came Pat Dunbar D-33 who matched Bob on one his unique SNPs thus, ZP90 was born. Then we had several Robert Dunbar of Hingham men test and they too had the same unique SNP ZP90.
    Bob’s wife, Jeannine, has been diligently researching Bob’s line of Dunbar whose family trace back to Aberdeen, Scotland. She recently found a ‘possible’ connection to Ninian Dunbar, of the Durris/Durn line, through a birth certificate which neither Burke’s or DeBrett’s Peerage have record of…….yet!
    With that tidbit of information it was vital that we get our Dunbar of Durris descendant D-74, Craig Dunbar, to Big Y test. If he tested ZP90+ also, then it would confirm Jeannine’s research was on target.
    We were able to finally contact Craig and test Big Y and he, too, has ZP90.

    Both Bob & Craig would share Ninian Dunbar of Grangehill (c1595-1675) as their most recent common ancestor. Craig descends from Ninian’s son David and Bob from Ninian’s son Sir Wm 1st Bt of Durn. Jeannine’s research still needs professional verification but, for now, I’m calling it a connection to the Durris line via Ninian, based on the Big Y test.

    Since both Craig & Bob have ZP90 that means Ninian also was ZP90, but just when did the mutation occur? At Ninian? Further up the family tree? Or maybe all the way back to David Dunbar of Durris b. bef 1495? More research and DNA testing needs to be done.
    It is now up to Pat and the Robert of Hingham men to figure out where on the Durris tree they descend from. (For the Hingham descendants: any new information, research, or thoughts can be directed to David Dunbar)

    I have attached a new S5750 Haplogroup tree that shows the current placement of those Big Y tested and Advanced tested on the chart.
    We do not need any more Hingham men to Big Y test although we won’t stop you if you want too. But, it is our goal to create some Advanced tests that would help all the other men in Lineage 1 find their place on the House of Dunbar pedigree chart as we’ve done for you.

    Donations to our project are always welcomed. If you feel inclined to help continue our growing knowledge please consider giving. Our Project has invested substantial dollars to make all this happen thanks to the generous donations from our group.
    Donation Link:

    Link to Dunbar DNA Results page:

    Link to L257 Haplogroup Big Y site:
    Congratulations, Debra

  12. David Dunbar says:

    I have been corresponding with Christine Kuhn who is the Clan Dunbar Genealogist for the Northeast US. She planned the last Clan trip to Scotland in 2014 and then went back the next year and spent a month in the Moray area researching. What follows is her notes on Robert of Hingham’s connection to David Dunbar of Durris b. before 1495.

    TO: David Dunbar
    FROM: Chris Kuhn
    DATE: 3 August 2016
    SUBJECT: Thoughts on the Father of Robert Dunbar of Hingham
    These notes are taken from a summary I sent to Ally Knox and others in 2015. At the time we seemed to believe that Robert of Hingham was very closely related to Ninian Dunbar (though not a son), but subsequent DNA data expands the search within the Durris line, i.e. son of David of Durris I, Alexander of Durris, Robert of Durris, David of Durris II or Mark Dunbar, or any of their related branches which would include Boath, Dunphail, and others. I have approached my research from two directions. First, to develop a family tree for the Durris line on Family Treemaker with individuals I believe are firmly related, and second to extract Dunbar males from specific records including parish registers, Privy Council records, Apprentice Records, etc. Suffice it to say that I have not been able to match all the Dunbars conclusively with specific parents, and that is frustrating. Additionally, as you are undoubtedly well aware, the more detailed records tend to deal with the primary sons and heirs, with the lesser sons having less specific identification. I am therefore left with a number of individuals residing in the vicinity of Grangehill who could be the father of Robert of Hingham, but there is no proof. Perhaps your research person will find specific links that I have missed.
    For the most part, the land-holding Dunbars of Durris lived at Dyke and Moy near Forres. Their primary properties seemed to have been Kintessack and Grangehill, but their estates extended in a line across the parish – Grangegreen, Wellhead, Wester Moy, Kincorth and Easterbin. Any of these estate records might lead to valuable information.
    The parish registers for Dyke and Moy begin in 1635, unfortunately JUST AFTER THE BIRTH OF ROBERT, assumed to be 1632-1634. Very frustrating. It seems likely that the registers begin with the (second) marriage of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Dunbar as their first child was baptized in 1635. But there are a number of Dunbars on those registers who could be the father of Robert.

    I have also found evidence of the Grangehill family in the Edinburgh Privy Council records and a number of land related documents, but the details are sparse. The parish registers have the most information.
    Who is NOT the Father of Robert of Hingham?
    Based on Robert’s presumed date of birth, which is about 1632 – 1634, there are a number of father’s that can be likely ruled out.
    1. Mark Dunbar and Isabel Falconer. Mark was nearing the end of his life in 1634 (he died in 1644). More important, his wife would have been passed child-bearing age.
    2. Ninian Dunbar and Marion Ogilvie. Their heir and eldest son, Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill, was born around 1615 and lived at Grangehill until his son Robert inherited. Marion had likely died before 1632.
    3. Ninian Dunbar and Findella Dunbar. Assumed married about 1634, there is no record of a son Robert born to Findella.
    4. Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill. He was married to Grizel Brodie 7 September 1654. His first son and heir, Robert of Grangehill, was born in 1662, and lived at Grangehill until his death.
    5. David Dunbar of Kirkhill, second son to Ninian Dunbar and Marion Ogilvie, and younger brother to Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill. We don’t know precisely when David was born but it was sometime between 1617 and 1622. He was first married around 1643 (his eldest son John of Kirkhill was born around 1645). As the progenitor of the Durn line, we can also rule him out.
    6. Walter Dunbar, mentioned in parish records as brother to Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill (but not mentioned as son of Ninian). He is rather obscure and fathered at least one illegitimate child, Patrick, before he finally married Elizabeth Boyd. He is likely the youngest son, however, and probably too young to have fathered a son in 1632-4.
    7. William Dunbar of Durn, and John Dunbar of Wellhead. Both were sons of Ninian and Findella, and both were born after Robert.
    Who are the possible fathers of Robert of Hingham?
    I am still trying to sort out all the families that lived on the properties in close proximity to Grangehill to determine their relationship to Mark and Ninian. The lairds of Grangegreen, Wester Moy, Moy, Kintessack, and Easterbin were Dunbars. Certainly a younger son of Mark could have been having children in 1634 because the eldest son Ninian was. We have several Dunbars that may be possibilities.
    1. Alexander Dunbar, son to David Dunbar of Durris II and Janet Rose. He is mentioned in two different documents. First in the Edinburgh Privy Council Records dated 22 August 1622, pp. 40-1: This day, Robert Craig, advocate, as procurator principal and cautioner, registers a bond of caution in 500 pounds by Alexander Dunbar, lawful brother to Mark Dunbar of Grangehill, that John Falconer, servitor to Robert Dunbar of Eistertown (Easterbin) will, in terms of an ordinance of the Lord of Council,etc. etc. Second, Alexander Dunbar, son of David Dunbar of Durris and Janet Ross (Rose), is referenced in a charter and precept in 1590 to his father of the town and lands of Easterbin(ZBFoA52/1/108-111).
    2. Alexander Dunbar of Kintessack. He is mentioned in the Dyke parish registers as Alexander Dunbar of Kintessack. Is he the brother of Mark Dunbar mentioned in #1? Since he is living at Kintessack, in all likelihood he is.
    3. John Dunbar in Kintessack. John is also mentioned in the Dyke parish registers. Since he is not the laird, he may be a third brother to Mark, or possibly a son to Alexander Dunbar of Kintessack. John in Kintessack had a son, Alexander (eldest son) who predeceased his father in 1675 (see citations below).
    4. William Dunbar, schoolmaster at Elgin in 1612. Mentioned by Rev. James Murray in “The Dunbars of Grangehill” as a son of Mark. Since he was a schoolmaster, he was likely trained to be a minister and may have become the minister at Moy, and progenitor of the Dunbars of Wester Moy. I’m looking closely at the Wester Moy line. I think they must be related to the Grangehills but I can find no definite link. William and Robert seem to be the key names.
    Alexander Dunbar of Kintessack and John Dunbar in Kintessack must be the same two individuals who witnessed a Clare Constant in 1644 for Ninian Dunbar, essentially giving them the right to occupy the Kintessack property owned by Ninian. The names are the same, and the dates of residence are compatible.
    Citation/Clare Constant: I can’t put my hands on this document at the moment, but it basically assigns to Alexander Dunbar of Kintessack and John Dunbar in Kintessack the right to live on the Kintessack property. It is signed by both of them and identifies Ninian Dunbar as the person giving them the right to live there. My recollection is that it was signed in 1644, the year that Mark Dunbar died.
    Citation/Dyke Parish register: John Dunbar in Kintessack departed 27 April 1678
    Citation/Dyke Parish register: Alexander Dunbar, eldest son of John Dunbar in Kintessack and Elspeth Forsyth, relict of the departed James Sutor at East Cable (married 28 November 1674).
    Citation/Dyke Parish register: Alexander Dunbar at The Cable departed 29 July 1675.
    Other Citations/Dyke OPRs: From 1636 to 1638 there are baptisms for children born to Alexander Dunbar and Isabel Mile (Milne?) as well as John Dunbar and Margaret Py (Pyper?). There is no way to confirm at the moment whether these are the same Dunbars living in Kintessack. We cannot assume that no reference to Kintessack means there is no connection, however, because the earliest records do not mention residence.
    John Dunbar in Kintessack
    Based on the information I have to date, John Dunbar in Kintessack is at the top of my list of possible fathers to Robert. Since he did not own property, there was no property for a son to inherit, forcing that son to look elsewhere for a trade and residence. And finally, the name of Robert of Hingham’s first son was John, a clear indication that Robert’s father may have been named John.
    Citation/Hingham Records and Hubbard’s Journal together from 1635 to 1745: John 1st son to Robert Dunbar, 13 December 1657 (from the journal).

  13. Tina Marie Varzeas says:

    Robert Dunbar is my eight great grandfather. My mothers, mother is a Dunbar.

  14. Stuart Robertson says:

    Hi Everyone, I was so excited to find this fantastic collection of information. My 5x great grandmother is Mary Dunbar who married James Cowen 2 October 1781 in Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire. I have seen much conflicting information about how she fits into the Dunbar line and keep searching to see if I can find the correct information.

  15. Shana Pittman says:

    Hello all. I am throwing another line in here. My line is as follows: Robert>James>Elisha>Peter>Samuel>William>Addison Ervin>William>Ervin Aurilious>Ervin Addison>Beverly (my Grandmother)> Me.

    Thank you all for your dedication for the search beyond Robert! I will continue to check in.

  16. Rick Schoenling says:

    Greetings Cousins,
    My line to Robert of Hingham is:
    My understanding of DNA is limited. I was told our current Chief (Sir James) and I start sharing ancestors about 10 generations back. Anyone knowing better please enlighten my ignorance of the subject of DNA. If true, by my line that would be Robert’s Father. I have always suspected he was a younger son who came to the New World to make his fortune and not a 16 year old Lt. Col. in Leslie’s Army. His name does not appear on any Unity ship document that brought the Scottish prisoners to the colony. This may be because the English grouped 3 or more prisoners together and only listed one of their names. If he was a penniless prisoner, how did he become the second richest taxpayer in Hingham two years after arriving there? Could be he sent for his wife (no record of their marriage on this side of the Atlantic) and asked her to bring his inheritance/her dowry with her. Lots of questions and few answers. I do not subscribe to the Durris line theory. Robert of Grangehill was born 30 years before Robert of Hingham and died 30 years before Robert of Hingham. Different generation, probably different family line. My pet theory is Robert of Hingham is a younger son of Blervie/Burgie. I’m nearer the end than the beginning so I’m trying to pass on what I have learned in the last 30 years to a younger cousin.

  17. Kowanda says:

    I’m from Joshua Dunbar line. I need to convince my father or brother to get their DNA tests done.
    My Robert Dunbar line is as follows:

    Robert Dunbar m. Rose______
    Joshua Dunbar m. Hannah Hatch
    Solomon Dunbar m. Rachel Damon
    Rachel Dunbar m. William Prouty
    Richard Prouty m. Jemmia Barrell
    Galen Prouty m. Maria Russell
    Henry Augustus Prouty m. Tamasen M. Allard
    Grace Prouty m. William James West
    Grace Ethel West m. Claus Engels
    Kenneth Harley Engels m. Bertha Helen Reitzel
    My parents

  18. William Frost Jr says:

    After discovering the “Scottish Prisoners Of War” web site while looking for Duncan Stewart (through my maternal grandmother) I discovered that Robert Dunbar (through my maternal grandfather) was also a SPOW! My line is Robert – Peter – David – Susannah – David – Polly – Sarah – George – Barbara – me.

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