Possible SPOWs

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Published on: 30 Jul 2014
Updated: 09 Nov 2016

The following may be Scottish prisoners of war but are not found on the John and Sara list or the George S. Stewart list of Battle of Dunbar POWs arriving on the ship Unity:

Abernethy, Robert:
“Indentured in Virginia 1652”

Barry, James:
In Kittery Maine, there is a Unity parish, doubtless from the prisoners, who were sent there to work in the sawmills. Approximately 15 Scots worked there. They were as follows: …James Barry

Beall, Ninian:
“Born in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland, 1625, d. in Prince George’s County, Maryland, 1 7 17. He was a loyal Scot and cornet under the banner of Leslie who was routed by Cromwell and Monk at the battle of Dunbar in 1650. Taken prisoner there he was transported to Barbadoes and thence to Maryland, where he settled in Calvert County about 1655, certainly as early as 1658, A victim of the fortunes of war he was sentenced to five years in bondage — an honorable servitude — and that he performed its requirements honestly and faithfully is evidenced by the Provincial records of January 16, 1667, reading: “Then came Ninian Beale of Calvert County, Planter, and proved right to 50 acres of land for his time service performed with Richard Hall of same county.”

Cone, Daniel:

Daniels, Davy:
Group 4-A in the SPOW Y-DNA Study

Dill, Daniel:
Believed to be on the “John and Sara”

Dunklee, Elnathan:
“Summoned in Dedham c 1651/52”

Guthrie, Robert:
Believed by researcher to be on the John and Sara
Susan Frost – susan@frostphotography.com – Descendant and Researcher

Law, John:
“The Immigrant” in West Concord c 1655.”

McCall, Robert:
Descendants and Researchers:
Ray Rolla McCall – celt62003@yahoo.com
Suzanne Wood – suew@townisp.com
“Robert is the brother of John McCall on the George S. Stewart list”

Ranney, Thomas:
Researcher: Elizabeth (Bowe) Boggs – threegriffs@me.com

Ross, George:
Descendant and Researcher:
Eleanor Hall – eleahall@yahoo.com
b c 1629 and may have worked at the Saugus Iron Works in Lynn, Mass.

Tosh [McIntosh], William:
Susan Frost –susan@frostphotography.com – Descendant & Researcher

4 Responses to Possible SPOWs

  1. jabbajane says:

    To Kerry Brandoff ~ In the Introduction page vi it states that : ” Those listed, believed on the circumstantial evidence to be Scots, are marked with an asterisk.” I hope this helps.

  2. Lois Vancleave says:

    Related of Col Ninam Beale. Have did DNA on Ancestry.com and 23&me

    • Karen Le Roy says:

      My husband is a descendant of Ninian Beall, he has DNA on an ancestry. Can we make contact, you should share DNA with him. Ancestry user name in kidstritoo.

  3. Chad Tannehill says:

    Two brothers Edward and William Tannahill(changed to Tannehill between Ireland and America) served with Ninian Bell and were captured at the battle of Dunbar. They were part of the 150 who where sent to Barbados and then to Maryland. Ninian Bell, name got changed to Beall coming to america, lived in the same community after gaining their freedom in Maryland. Their descendants married and share the blood line. I have traced the Tannahill(high on a hill) name from origin 1580’s in Kilmarnock then Paisley to present.

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