“Oyster River Scots” by B. Craig Stinson

Published: 23 August 2016

Oyster River Scots by B. Craig Stinson
(Dover, New Hampshire)

“I set out to prove whether or not William Furbish was one of Valentine Hill’s original “Seven Scots.” I can’t prove that fact either way. However, I have traced 18 Scots who were first taxed at Oyster River (Dover, N.H.) between 1657-1659. Most of these are either on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list or on the John & Sara list. A good bit of this information will be new, I believe. And I can correct (and in some cases corroborate) some of the speculations that have been made about these 18. I have tried to be careful to document, in hope these will be of use to you and to other researchers.” ~ Craig

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Niven Agnew (d. 1687)
Henry Brown (d. bef. 1692) and James Orr (d. aft. 1692)
John Curmuckhell (d. 1677) and Alexander Mackaneer (d. abt. 1670)
Thomas Doughty (abt. 1630-abt. 1705)
Edward Erwin (d. 1667)
William Gowen (abt. 1634-1686)
Peter Grant (abt. 1631-1712)
James Grant #1 (d. 1664), James Grant #2 (d. 1683), James Grant #3 (d. 1693)
John Hudson (d. 1717)
Walter Jackson (d. 1683)
Patrick Jameson (d. 1678)
Robert Junkins (d. 1699)
John Key (abt. 1633-1718)
James Kidd (d. bef. 1712)
Micum McIntire (d. 1704)
James Middleton
James Murray (d. 1659)
Andrew Rankin (d. 1677)