Descendants & Researchers for Worcester POWs in America

Published: 02 Dec 2014
Updated: 08 Feb 2018

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Anderson, William

Terry Filter – – Descendant & Researcher

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Bean/Beme, John
Dyan (Beane) Backe – – Descendant
Barbara Baker – – Descendant
Jen Bean Bartlau – – Descendant & Researcher
Dorothy Green – – Descendant & Researcher
Michelle Marshall Sniffin – Descendant & Researcher
Rebekah McKenney – – Descendant
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust – – Researcher

Blacke, Daniel
Bonnie Black – – Descendant
H. Allen Black – – Direct Descendant
Randy Black – – Descendant & Researcher
Renee Marie Boudreau – – Direct Descendant
Doreen and Gail Gray – – Direct Descendant
Tania McKee – – Direct Descendant
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust – – Researcher

Boye, John #1
Richard Thompson – – Descendant & Researcher

Brow, John
Elizabeth (Bowe) Boggs – – Researcher

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Edminsteire, John
Michael Edminster – – Descendant & Researcher
Wesley David Edminister – – Descendant & Researcher

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Gordon, Alexander
– Individual Contract – Master John Cloise
Mary Gordon – – Descendant & Researcher
Nanette LeTendre Johnston – – Descendant & Researcher

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Hamilton, David

George Gray – – Direct Descendant
Jack Hamilton – – Direct Descendant
Shawn Lee Von Lunen- – Direct Descendant

Hume [Holmes], David
Gail Holmes – – Researcher and Possible Descendant
Tim Holmes – – Possibly a Direct Descendant
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust – – Researcher

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Jackson, Walter

Susan Grady – – Descendant & Researcher

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Mackontoss, William

Susan Frost – – Descendant & Researcher

Monrow, John
Elizabeth Boggs – – Researcher

Monrow, William
Heather Wilkinson Rojo – – Descendant & Researcher

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Pattinson, James

Patrick Patterson – – Descendant & Researcher

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Robinson, Daniel

Caroline Gilleece – – Descendant & Researcher
Sara Robbins Hoffman – – Descendant & Researcher
Richard Robbins – – Descendant & Researcher
Richard E. Robbins – – Descendant & Researcher
Sara Robbins Hoffman – – Descendant & Researcher
Todd Robbins – – Descendant & Researcher

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Tompson, Alexander

Heather Wilkinson Rojo – – Descendant & Researcher

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Woodell, John

Richard Green – – Descendant & Researcher

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24 Responses to Descendants & Researchers for Worcester POWs in America

  1. Randy Black says:

    Daniel Blacke, was on the list as well I believe?

    Randy Black

  2. My husband’s ancestor was John Munro (who’s brother was Hugh who is also aboard the same prison ship from the Worcester battle)

    Crystal Bass-Monroe researcher –

  3. Joseph Darling says:

    Hi, I recently found out that my 11th Great Grandfather was Scottish War Prisoner George Darling, captured during the Battle of Dunbar of 1650, and was shipped to Lynn, MA to work in the iron plant for 7 years.

  4. Jack Hamilton says:

    Please add me as a researcher for David Hamilton.

  5. Donald Ross says:

    Hi there,

    My family has competed the United States portion of the research, and I am the 9th generation, after James Ross to be in America. James was a POW on the John and Sarah from the Battle of Worcester. James married Mary Goodenow in Sudbury, Mass.
    What I am having trouble piecing together, is James’ history prior to battle at Worcester.
    From what I’ve seen, James was captured with the Chief of Clan Ross of Balnagown. It is thought that James lived possibly on the grounds of the castle, or near the estate. I would love to know this missing link. There have been two possible birth dates for James that I have seen. 1620 and 1635. But this confusion could be contributed to two different James Rosses listed as passengers on the the John and Sarah.
    I was fortunate enough to make it to Scotland in September of 2015 and visit Castle Balnagown as well as stay in Tain and visit the Clan Ross center.

    Any help, comments, or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Any information regarding the line of Rosses following James here in the US, I am happy to help with. Wives, dates of birth, dates of death, places of birth, places of death, number of children.

    Thank you,

    Donald Ross

  6. Chuck Ross says:

    Donald Ross – I’m working to prove a link to James on my Ross side. I believe this is through James’ son Daniel -> his son Daniel -> his son William, Sr. I’m curious if you have documentation on this branch of James’ descendants?

  7. Donald Ross says:

    Hello Chuck Ross,

    I should have been more precise in my earlier post of March 3, 2016. Of James Ross’ children, I only have the lineage of which I am a part.
    I am from the lineage of James’ son, Thomas Ross. I do not have any information of the lines of any of James’ other children. Sorry I cannot help you any further. Best of luck.

  8. Chuck Ross says:

    Hello Donald,
    Thanks for the response. Do you have Y-DNA results on FamilyTreeDNA? My uncle (same paternal line) has results in the database. That would be one way for my family to determine a connection to James.

    • Donald Ross says:

      I have not taken any dna tests. We were able to accurately trace the line through family log books and paperwork.
      Someday, I may take the Y-DNA test…

  9. Danyelle Robinson says:

    Please add me as a researcher for James, John, and John Robison #214, #215, and #216

  10. I’m a descendant of John Cragin (various spellings of Cragon/Craggin, Cragen, Craggen) #26 on the passenger list for the John and Sarah after the Battle of Worcester. I found my way to him via my Daughters of the American Revolution background and some more in-depth research. Irony is that I’m in Scotland for the next four years, but haven’t a clue where to look for information on him as a person (e.g., where he’s actually from, familial ties, etc.). I’ll be taking a trip to Worcester in the next couple of months and hope to maybe find some ideas there.

    Can you add me as a reference or contact person for him?

  11. James W Cummings says:

    As I recall, one James Crock(s) ford was taken prisoner at Worcester, taken to either Lynn or Boston , Massachusetts. Surname became Croxford.

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