John Toish/Tosh, #33 on the “Scots at Lynn 1653. Iron Works Inventory”

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Created: 15 Dec 2014
Updated: 08 Feb 2018

Descendants & Researchers

Surname variation: Toish, Tosh, McIntosh, Mackintosh

“There is a Daniel Tosh (McIntosh) who settled in 1688 in Brookfield. His widow Mary McIntosh was killed by Indians in 1692. Could he be the son of John Tosh? Also an Ebenezer Mackintosh was in Boston at the start of the American Revolution. Any connection??” ~ Teresa Rust

3 Responses to John Toish/Tosh, #33 on the “Scots at Lynn 1653. Iron Works Inventory”

  1. Patricia Levesque says:

    I have begun researching my family and have come across John Mackintosh and his son William. They were captured after the Battle of Dunbar and were brought to Massachusetts. My Grandfather is listed as “John Tosh” and his son William is listed as Mackintoosh. I would love more information.

  2. Jane Mackintosh says:

    Ebenezer Mackintosh (1737-1816) was a great-grandson of John Toish. Ebenezer was the son of Moses (1708-1780) (and Lydia Jones), grandson of William (1665-1724) (and Experience Holbrook), and William was one of three surviving children of John. I have not found a Daniel in this family line.

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