John Stewart, #28 on the “Scots at Lynn. Iron Works Inventory.”

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Published on: 04 Jan 2015
Updated: 15 Sep 2016

Descendants & Researchers

Surname variation: Steward

John Stewart died 21 Apr 1691 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Found in:
Iron Works Inventory
David Dobson, Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785, page 34.

“Among those who remained was John Stewart, who, in a petition to Governor Andros on 19 September 1688, stated, “Your poor petitioner was in service in five battles under the noble Marquis of Montrose in Scotland, for His Majesty King Charles the First, and thereby suffered and received many dangerous wounds, having escaped with his life through mercy…was afterwards taken by Lord Cromwell in the fight at Dunbar” [Find Source?]

“About 17 Scots were subcontracted to the colliers (charcoal makers) and other plant workers. Accounting records show that a few of the Scots received wages from the Company for skilled work. For example, James Adams was paid for managing ox teams, James Gourdan for mining, Thomas Kelton for mining and coaling, and Robert Meany for carpentry work. John Steward was paid as Gifford’s house servant, until the investors learned of the arrangement, at which time Steward was ‘put forth as a smith.'” Janet Regan and Curtis White, Hammersmith Through the Historical Texts.

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