John Sinclair, #97 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list

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Published on: 1 Feb 2016
Updated: 10 Nov 2016

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Name Variations:
Sinkler, Sinclair,

First Generation in the New World

1. JOHN SINCLAIR, was born about 1612 in Scotland.

Biographical Notes:
1. It is believed that John Sinclair/Sinkler was a Battle of Dunbar prisoner of war and arrived in Massachusetts Bay in late 1650.
2. “the seven men who were indentured to Nicholas Lissen were: John Bean, John Barber, Alexander Gordon, John Sinclair, John Hudson, John Thompson, and Walter Jackson.  All were to be lifetime friends of John Bean” (Bean 1977:6)
3. The Scottish POWs specifically mentioned by Barbara of the Exeter Historical Society are: Alexander Gordon, Henry Magoon, John MacBean and John Sinclair.

Possibly lived in Exeter, NH, see Exeter History Minute
John Sinkler of Exeter, New Hampshire by Rand Greubel
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