John “Maccoon”, #57 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list

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Published on: 1 Feb 2016
Updated: 15 Oct 2016

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Name Variations:
Macchone, Macoone, Maccoone

First Generation in the New World

1. JOHN¹ MACCOON, born probably Scotland and died at Cambridge, Massachusetts on 8 October 1705. He married, first, at Cambridge on 8 Nov 1656, DEBORAH BUSH. He married, second, at Cambridge on 14 Jun 1665, SARAH/MARY WOOD (see notes below). Based on the birth records below it appears he married for the third time to a MARY UNKNOWN before 17 Jan 1669, probably the MARY WOOD above?

Biographical Notes: John Maccoon/Maccoone is listed as #57 on the George S. Stewart Dunbar Prisoners list. He is believed to be a prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar which took place 3 Sep 1650. He would have arrived on the ship Unity in late Dec 1650 to Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, and begun his indenture immediately, apparently staying in the Cambridge area throughout his marriages and his death. The indenture periods were typically 6 to 8 years, averaging closer to seven years but varying slightly. That is why we start to find records of the SPOWs appearing about 1656-1658. His first marriage takes place nearly six years after he would have arrived.

2. i.   HANNAH² MACOONE, born at Cambridge, 31 Oct 1659
2. ii.  DEBORAH² MACOONE, b. at Cambridge, 31 Dec 1661
2. iii. ELIZABETH² MACOONE, b. at Cambridge, 31 Jan 1662
2. iv. SARAH² MACONNE, born at Cambridge, 15 Feb 1663

2. v. DANIEL² MACOONE, born at Cambridge, 18 Feb 1668
2. vi. JOHN² MACOONE, born at Cambridge, 14 Jun 1666

2. vii.  ELIZABETH² MACOONE, born at Cambridge, 17 Jan 1669
2. viii. MARGARETT² MACOONE, born at Cambridge, 20 Feb 1671
2. ix.   PETER² MACOONE, born at Cambridge, 21 Feb 1673

15 Jun 2016, Diane Murach ( said, “I recently read somewhere that two months before the birth of John Maccoon Jr, Apr 1666., there was a land transaction and in two places John’s wife indicated her name as Mary Maccoon.  This could mean that the town clerk was mixed up when he named Sarah as the wife of John Maccoon 14 Jun 1665 in Cambridge and on the first two births of the sons John and Daniel. Perhaps Mary had a sister or mother named Sarah and they resembled each other. Wondering if you had heard this? I’m really into researching more on this family. I found the article online.: Rhode Island Roots Volume: 13 Pages(s): 7, Probable Origins of the Maccone Family, By Rosemary Canfield, March 1987
Couple of things that were stated.:
14 Jun 1665 marriage to Sarah Wood (Can’t be Richard Wood’s husband as he
has not died yet, but could be a sister or daughter to Richard Wood)
Land Record 21 Apr 1666 Land Record where Mary Maccoon makes her mark.
Name Mary Maccoon is used twice. Land is sold to Randall Bush.
Son John born 14 Jun 1666 to John and Sarah
Son Daniel born 18 Feb 1668 to John and Sarah
Dau Elizabeth born 17 Jan 1669 to John and Mary as are rest of the children
Land Transaction – 13 Apr 1676 – Sarah Woods, “widow of Richard Woods late
of Cambridge and their son Thomas Woods sold a house and 34 acres of land to
John Maccone.
A Sarah Wood marries John Warner 12 Jun 1677 – (possible Mother to Mary,
twin to Mary???)
Will of John refers to his children by my former and latter wife.”
My thoughts:
No marriage to a Sarah Wood, but definitely a marriage to a Mary (possibly
Wood) Perhaps Mary resembles her mother or sister who has the name Sarah.
Perhaps the town Clerk is really old, drinks or who knows what.
Ready to study John Maccoon of Cambridge and John Maccone of Westerly to see
if they the same person. Studying a chronology of each to see where they
fit together. I need to remember that people often registered children’s
births in more than one location.
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