James Miller, #79 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list

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Published on: 06 Apr 2015
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Descendants and Researchers

First Generation in the New World

1. JAMES MILLER, “the Scotchman” was born in Scotland about 1618 and died at Charlestown, Massachusetts on 1 Aug 1688. He married, at Charlestown by 1660, MARY (_____).

Biographical Notes:
There are THREE James Millers in Torrey’s below.
Looking at Torrey’s NE Marriages below, on pages 1037 and 1038, we see.
#1 – James Miller, (-1688, over 70) [he would have been born about 1618] and Mary _____ (-1704), by 1660?; Charlestown. Another Vital Record: “James Miller an aged Scotchman, above 70, d. 1 Aug 1688. So this James is known as a Scotchman and was born about 1618 and married at Charlestown by 1660, MARY (_____). This James Miller had a son James Miller who died of Smallpox on 14 Jul 1690. (This James fits with his age and designation as a “Scotchman” the best so far.)
#2 – James Miller, m. Martha by 1670 in Norwalk, Connecticut. (Not sure that the correct James Miller would be in Connecticut that early. More likely stayed in Charlestown area.)
#3 – James Miller, who married Hannah George at Charlestown on 25 Nov 1673 [he would probably be closer to 25 at marriage which would make him born about 1648 which would be too early to be James or the Scotchman’s son] left a will dated 23 January 1704/5 and mentions his widow Hannah and his sons James (still alive in 1704/5) and Richard in the will. Vital Records shows he also had: John b at Charlestown on 27 Aug 1688 (I don’t think this is the correct James.) Also see: “On 25 Nov 1673 Hannah married James Miller, son of Richard Miller & Eleanor [Pope].28 Born ca 1641. James died on 10 Jun 1705 in Charlestown, MA.101 Occupation: Yeoman.”

Children of James and Mary (_____) Miller:
2. JAMES MILLER, died of Smallpox at Charlestown on 14 Jul 1690.
2. ISAAC MILLER, b. at Charlestown on 3 Aug 1670. (Gen. of Thomas Gleason)

Genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown, Mass
J.B. White, 1909 – History – 672 pages “Isaac Miller” page 41
DISCLAIMER: It is not known if this is the correct James Miller family.  I am trying to establish contact with a descendant to verify.  -EB
James Miller, senr., an aged Scotchman, above 70, d. 01 Aug 1688, Charlestown.1
John, son of James and Hannah (George) Miller, b. 27 Aug 1688, Charlestown.2
James Miller, son of James Miller, the Scotchman, smallpox, d. 14 Jul 1690, Charlestown.3
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Torrey's New England Marriages to 1700 (12)Torrey's New England Marriages to 1700 (13) 2

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