Historical Fiction

Published: 15 Jan 2015
Updated: 22 Nov 2016


Books, Adult:
Woollacott, Alfred. The Immigrant: One from My Four Legged Stool (Massachusetts: My Four Legged Stool Publishers, January 1, 2015) (Al is a member of our group!) “A historical saga that covers a winter of 1650/1651 journey of John Law, a young Scotsman captured by the English Lord Cromwell’s forces in seventeenth century Scotland during “The Battle of Dunbar”. He survives a death march to Durham, England and is eventually sent to Massachusetts Bay Colony as an indentured servant, arriving aboard the ship “Unity” that was carrying around 150 prisoners of war from different Scottish clans. Now an outcast, and in the sanctuary of the new colony, John starts over as an …”

Books, Juvenile:
Clarke, Mary Stetson. The Iron Peacock (New York: Viking Publishers, March 28, 1966) Recommended for ages 12-14. “Joanna Sprague’s last link with her happy, gracious life in England was broken on a bleak and stormy day in 1650 when her father was buried at sea. He died on the voyage that was to take them, refugees from Cromwell’s persecution…to a new life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Now at the age of 16, penniless and alone, Joanna faced life as a bondservant,…”

Clarke, Mary Stetson. Piper to the Clan (New York: Viking Children’s Publishers, April 30, 1970) “A story of one Scottish Highlander, young Ross McCrae, a piper and soldier who’s captured by Cromwell, marched starving to England, imprisoned, and deported; his subsequent indenture in the Massachusetts Bay Colony is the subject of The Iron Peacock (1966). The moments that matter as moments are intoned here with insight: the deaths of the Laird and Black Donald, Ross’ men …more”