Hercules Corser, #11 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

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Published: 03 Dec 2014
Updated: 15 Sep 2016

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Surname variations: Courser, Cosser

NOTE: This is not Archelaus Courser who married Rachel Roper and lived in Boston and Lancaster, MA.

Lot 202, Hercules Corser, 4 wooded acres, 1 in Commons, 01 March 1657/58.
From Charlestown Land Records, page 81.

“Charlestown Tax List: 16 November 1658
Alex Bow 1        0-3-4 (fellow Scot)
Her Courser 1  0-2-0
Figures after names presumably refer to number of dwellings. ”
SEE: Thompson, Roger, From Deference to Defiance, Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1629-1692, (Boston, Mass.: NHGS, 2012), 50.

Scots’ Charitable Society member “Hercules Cosser”

“Ye 10th of 1st Mo 1678/79” “Hercules Corser” is in list of men wanting to retain Mr. Myles as their pastor.
SEE: Wood, Nathan, The History of the First Baptist Church of Boston (1665-1899), (Boston, Massachusetts: American Baptist Publications Society, 1899), 132.

Hercules Courser took the Oath of Allegiance on 21 Apr 1679 in Boston. 16 Records of the Suffolk County Court: 1671-1680, Vol. XXX, (Boston: The Society, 1933), 968.

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