George Ross (c 1629-), Possibly SPOW

Published: 13 Feb 2015
Updated: 27 Oct 2016

Names from The Dunbar Prisoners list:
Ross, Finlay, #88 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ list
Ross, Gilchrist, #89 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ list
Ross, John, #90 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ list
Ross, Thomas, #91 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ list

Names from John & Sara list:
217. Alester Ross
218. Daniel Ross
219. James Ross
220. James Ross
221. Jonas Ross
222. David Rosse [Ross?]
223. John Rosse [Ross?]
224. John Rosse
225. John Rosse

Descendants and Researchers:
Suza – Direct Descendant
William – Direct Descendant
Eleanor – Direct Descendant
Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) – Researcher

No GEORGE Ross is found on the lists. He still may be a SPOW though. More research needs to be done. ~ Teresa

George Ross was born around 1629. The family tradition was that he was a Scots soldier captured at the Battle of Dunbar in 1650 or of Worcester in 1651. He may have worked in the Saugus Iron Works in Lynn, MA. He was in New Haven, CT, then went to NJ about 1670. (Source: The Ross Family of New Jersey, by Robert Ross.)

In 1658, in New Haven, he married Constance Little and in the same year he was admitted a free man. (Source: History of Elizabeth, New Jersey by Rev. E. F. Hatfield, 1868, page 167, cited by Robert Ross.) The date, 1658, would fit in with the theory that he was a prisoner and was an indentured servant for 6-7 years.
~ Written and submitted by Eleanor Hall

18 Responses to George Ross (c 1629-), Possibly SPOW

  1. James Ross says:

    Have you done a Y chromosome test for George Ross’s desendents.
    James Ross Denver Colorado I am I2b

  2. Jordan Taylor says:

    From the limited research I’ve done, I am also descended from this George Ross and his wife, Constance. Is anything known about his origins in Scotland?

    • teresahamiltonpepperrust says:

      I do not know anymore than what is on the page. Are you a member of the Scottish War Prisoners Yahoo Group?

      • james ross says:

        No Terresa but I am sure my DNA cousin John Ross came over on the FRIENDSHIP in 1717 after the battle of Preston.I have looked at the prisoner lists of the JOHN AND SARAH 1652 also and we could have come from this group and meet up with John Ross latter in Louisa Virginia.
        James Ross Denver Colorado

    • james ross says:

      Try this Jordon. George Ross and George Reed were both signers of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. when George Ross died he’s friend George Reed wrote a long story about him telling exactly where George Ross was born Tain Scotland near the Black isle and Loch Ness what he was heir to A loardship in Scotland, I do have this page some place in my piles of paper if interested write back

      • Misty Arnold says:

        Hi my name is Misty and I am related to George Ross. Im interested in what you may have connecting him to a Loardship in Scottland. Also the Scotland Prisoner of War group. Would you be willling to share this letter or page stating that with me. I have seen people connecting him to David Ross 11th Laird of Balnagowan, but no one can provide anything but hear say.
        Thank You Misty Arnold
        my email is
        Also my Dad is on and our tree is Jimmy Reeder tree if you are a member you can go look at it.

      • Suza Cree says:

        James Ross,

        Suza Cree here and I am also related to George a Ross that came over as a SPOW. I would be most interested in the Data by George Reed about his friend and so signers of the Declaration of Independence. My Email is if you wish to respond. Thank you for your participation, You Rule!

    • Robert says:

      Hi jordan….yes i have the complete history of george ross from scotland…..i am his 9th generation direct descendant.

  3. William Ross says:

    No James I havent, did it help to pin point a area or region. And are you a decendant of George Ross.
    Thanks so much.
    William Ross,
    York, pa.,

    • james ross says:

      Yes William the Y chromosome found match’s for me in Scotland through what is called CLUSTERING done by Tyrone Bowes. About 24 match’s some with different surnames.
      In the states it matched me up with other Ross family ‘s that lead me to Ross Chappell’s book witch is a huge help. I am a perfect match with them at the 37 y chromosome test

  4. William Ross says:

    Jordan, I do not believe this to be the George Ross you have mentioned. George Ross and Constance Little. Are not in the same time frame. They are hundred twenty five years apart. As far as a signer of the Declaration of Independence. I know of no connection to this George Ross.

  5. Robert Ross says:

    I am Robert Ross,also related to George. My Couison and I have traced our family back over 900 years…our FIRST is

  6. james ross says:

    May I ask what your Y-Chromosome is Mine is I-M170 AT THE 37 test level and L 39 at the111 test level

  7. William W Ross says:

    My research goes back to George Ross and Constance Little. George may have been a spow there is strong evidence to this possibility. George married Constance Little
    And moved to Elizabeth N.j.

  8. William Ross says:

    George Ross connect the dots, I think he may have been indentured directly to Winthrop the younger. As he seems to follow him new Haven CT, where within a year he was declared a free man (this fits the timeline of the indentured servitude 6 to 7 years) and married Constance Little/Little by the Governor (Winthrop) then moved to Elizabeth New Jersey….

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