George Bruce, #10 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

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Published: 03 Dec 2014
Updated: 08 Feb 2018

Find his descendants and researchers here.

Surname Variation:
Brace (apparently a typo on list)

First Generation in the New World

1. GEORGE BRUCE, was born presumably in Scotland and died at Woburn, Massachusetts in 1692. He married in 1659.

Biographical Notes:
1659: Married
1692: Died in Woburn, Massachusetts

Written by descendant, George Bruce, dated 24 Nov 2013, he says,  “I believe the passenger listed as “George Brace” is in fact “George Bruce”. An ink blob covers the “u”. If you look at her “a”s they are quite narrow. The “u”s are broad as is this one. We first find George in the record as married in 1659. Died 1692 Woburn.”

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