Edward Wyer, #109 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

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Published on: 15 Dec 2014
Updated: 16 Oct 2016

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Name Variations: Wyear, Wier

First Generation in the New World

1. EDWARD¹ WYER, was born presumably in Scotland about 1622 and died at Charlestown, Massachusetts on 3 May 1693. He married at Charlestown, Massachusetts on 5 Jan 1658, ELIZABETH JOHNSON, daughter of William and Elizabeth Johnson. She married, second, WILLIAM MONROE, of Cambridge, also a SPOW.

Biographical Notes:
Edward Wyer Genealogy at The New England and Historical Genealogical Register, Volume 25, 1871.

Children of Edward and Elizabeth (Johnson) Wyer:
2. i.
    ELIZABETH² WYER, (Edward¹) b. Charlestown 10 Nov 1659, m. BENJAMIN MIRICK
2. ii.    EDWARD² WYER, (Edward¹) b. Charlestown c1661; m. ABIGAIL LAWRENCE.
2. iii.   ROBERT² WYER, (Edward¹) born Charlestown on 10 Feb 1664
2. iv.   HANNAH² WYER, (Edward¹) bap. Charlestown 23 Jul 1665 m. 15 Dec 1686 NATHAN DUNKIN/DUNKLIN
2. v.    KATHERINE² WYER, (Edward¹) b. Charlestown 5 Dec 1666, m. JONATHAN WELSH
2. vi.   NATHANIEL² WYER (Edward¹) b. Charlestown 14 Jun 1668, prob. d. young.
2. vii.  RUHAMAH² WYER (Edward¹) b. Charlestown 14 Dec 1670, m. JOHN HILL
2. viii. ELEAZAR² WYER (Edward¹) born Charlestown 12 Dec 1672; m. KATHERINE WADE
2. ix.   ZACHARIAH² WYER, (Edward¹) b. Charlestown 16 Mar 1676, m. MARY, died 1717
2. x.    SARAH² WYER, (Edward¹) born Charlestown 5 Mar 1678, m. JOHN FILLEBROWN
2. xi.   WILLIAM² WYER, (Edward¹) born Charlestown on 3 Oct 1680

Wyer Marriage Record

Wyear and Johnson Marriage Record

Second Generation

2. i.    ELIZABETH² WYER, (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown, Massachusetts on 10 Nov 1659. She married at Charlestown, BENJAMIN MIRICK.

2. ii.   EDWARD² WYER, (Edward¹), was born at Charlestown c1661 and died c1689. He married at Charlestown on 1 Sep 1684, ABIGAIL LAWRENCE.

2. iii.  ROBERT² WYER, (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 10 Feb 1664. He married, RUTH JOHNSON.

2. iv.  HANNAH² WYER, (Edward¹) baptized at Charlestown on 23 Jul 1665. She married at Charlestown on 15 Dec 1686, NATHAN DUNKIN/DUNKLIN.

2. v.   KATHERINE² WYER, (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 5 Dec 1666. She married, JONATHAN WELSH.

2. vi. NATHANIEL² WYER (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 14 Jun 1668 and probably died young.

2. vii. RUHAMAH² WYER (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 14 Dec 1670. She married JOHN HILL.

2. viii. ELEAZAR² WYER (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 12 Dec 1672.

2. ix.  ZACHARIAH² WYER, (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 16 Mar 1676 and died in 1717. He married at Concord on 7 June 1698, MARAH JONES.

2. x.   SARAH² WYER, (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 5 Mar 1678. She married, JOHN FILLEBROWN.

2. xi. WILLIAM² WYER, (Edward¹) was born at Charlestown on 3 Oct 1680.


Edward’s grave

Edward’s widow remarried William Munroe, another Scottish Prisoner of War.

“Page, 84 CITY DOCUMENT No. 39. The 20 : of April ’63 : granted vnto Edward Wyer by Tickett to Cutt and Carrie Six Cord of fire wood for his own use of Charls- tow, wood interest on Maulden side, comon, by Saml Lewis, before march next ensuing.
JAM : GARY, Recorder.” From: Charlestown Land Records 1638-1802

Torrey's New England Marriages to 1700 (4)

Torrey’s New England Marriages Prior to 1700. (Online database. AmericanAncestors.org. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.) Originally published as: New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Boston, Mass.: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2015.


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  1. Rachel Donaghe says:

    First off thank you all for the tireless research! I was wondering if there was any known connection between my ancestor Edward Wyer #109 and the two Weirs listed on the officers list as James Weir and Johne Weir? I seem to have reached a dead end on Edward and have no idea what part of Scotland he came from and the only Edward Weir vs Wyer I have been able to locate was born in 1598 in Edinburgh to a Johnne Weir. I’m fairly confident that this could not be my Edward Wyer but being that one of the officers captured was a Johnne Weir I am wondering or perhaps hoping, there is any family relation going on here.

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