Durham University Scottish Soldiers Project

Published: 6 January 2016
Edited/Updated: 17 May 2016

Scottish Soldiers Project

Skeletons are remains of 17th Century Scottish soldiers captured at Battle of Dunbar

“New light has been shed on a centuries-old mystery surrounding the last resting place of Scottish soldiers who died after being captured and imprisoned in Durham Cathedral and Castle during the 17th Century civil wars.

Archaeologists at Durham University carried out scientific analysis on skeletons discovered in two mass graves on Durham’s UNESCO World Heritage Site in November 2013.

Combining this data with information from the excavation and historical records, the researchers concluded that ‘the only plausible’ explanation was that the skeletons were those of Scottish soldiers captured by English forces following the Battle of Dunbar in September 1650 and taken to Durham on the orders of Oliver Cromwell”… See link above for the full story!!

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