George Sawin Stewart Correspondence with Miss E. French and Mr. Bartlett

Updated: 28 Dec 2014

January 18, 1911 letter from George S. Stewart in Massachusetts to Miss Elizabeth French in London:

George Sawin Stewart's Jan. 18, 1911 letter to Miss Elizabeth French.

George Sawin Stewart’s Jan. 18, 1911 letter to Miss Elizabeth French.

Teresa’s Transcription:

“46 Floral St. Newton Hlds Mass
Jan. 18, 1911

Miss Elizabeth French,
#6 Haymarket, London, S.W.

Dear Madam,
The following quotations from the Journal of the House of Commons under date Feb. 3, 1652, will I trust prove of some interest to you as a genealogist.

“Ordered, That the Council of State do take into consideration what prisoners of the Scottish nation have been taken during these wars, either in England or Scotland; and to make an exact list of them, and how they have been disposed of, and where they now are; and report the same to the Parliament with all speed” Com. Jour. Vol. 7 (1651-1659) p. 254.

I do not need to tell you how important this list would be to those interested in American pedigree work, as it is well known that at Dunbar (1650) & Worcester (1651), were sold into temporary slavery in New England & Virginia.

I am at this time particularly interested in 150 of the Dunbar prisoners who were embarked at Newcastle in Nov. 1650, consigned to John Bex & Joshua Foote, merchants of London, & whose”

Letter to Miss E. French 18 Jan 1911, page 2.


“ultimate destination was New England, where I find 62 of them were employed at the Lynn Iron Works & of these I have the names of 35. Whether the lists ordered as above by Parliament were actually made out & whether they can now be located at the British Record office or elsewhere is a question I submit for your investigation & as my own intention is to publish anything found on the matter in the Register. I have no doubt we could come to some arrangement, mutually satisfactory, in regard to the search.

Mr. Charles F. Read, Secretary of the Reade Family Ass’n (& also of the Bostonian Society) for whom I have recently been doing some genealogical work, desires me to ask you for an estimate of the cost of a search to be made in Dorset (Gillingham) & Somerset (Batcomb, Wincanton, & Long Sutton) for the origins of certain Reade immigrants & their connection with the Dyer & Vining families who settled in Weymouth Mass. The evidence already found shows that a number of the emigrant Reades were closely related. Hoping to hear from you in regard to the above at your earliest convenience, I am.

Resp’y Yours George S. Stewart”

3 Responses to George Sawin Stewart Correspondence with Miss E. French and Mr. Bartlett

  1. Mrs.William Thompson (Natha) says:

    My husband’s Sixth Great-Grandfather, Alexander Thompson, was on a list from the Massachusetts Historical Society. This is a list of Scots removed to New England by Oliver Cromwell in 1651. It is a long list.

  2. hinchinbrooke says:

    There is an interesting bit in state records of the Long Parliament. It seem the owners of the ship from Newcastle abandoned the Prisoners who attracted the attention of passers by and had to be taken to a Surgeon to take care of them, The Surgeon charged the ship owners for his services

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