Dr. Andrew Millard’s Three SPOW Names

Published on: 4 Oct 2016

On the website we have a transcription of George S Stewart’s list of Dunbar prisoners [1]. Stewart lists 147 names but, given that 150 men were recorded as being on the Unity, that “leaves us with 3 missing names”, as the page says. I have identified three more names that can be added to the list, and all were certainly Unity prisoners.

Stewart lists 35 men on the Saugus Inventory from 1653. Actually there are two versions of this inventory, one with 35 names and the other with 37 names. Stewart obviously had not seen the latter, from which the names of Alexander Eaton and John MacMallen can be added, as noted by Banks in 1927 [2].

The other name that can be added is “Davison ye Scott”, a man who is reported to have died en route between Charlestown and Saugus [3], or shortly after arriving at Saugus in early 1651 [4].

Although we can’t be certain that all of the names on Stewart’s list were Unity prisoners, this does take us to the remarkable total of 150, matching the expected total.
[1] http://scottishprisonersofwar.com/battle_of_dunbar_pows_america/

[2] p.15 in Banks, C.E. 1927. ‘Scotch Prisoners deported to New England by Cromwell 1651-2’. Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society 61, 4-30. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25080212

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[4] p.46 in Rapaport, D. 2004. Scottish slavery in 17th-Century New England. History Scotland 5:1 44-52.

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