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Updated: 16 Sep 2016

Family Tree DNA: Scottish Prisoners of War DNA Study

Battle of Dunbar (1650)
The only conclusive list of transported Dunbar prisoners aboard the ship Unity is the Iron Works Inventory of 1653 and these are the 1-A list Dunbar prisoners.  The 1-B list contains a further 112 names from The Dunbar Prisoners.   Other Scottish men appearing early in New England who are not on either document are the 1-C list.

Peter Grant:
Appears in Lynn, MA 1653; died 1709
Haplogroups: R-BY2668
Two participants

James McCall/MacKallroy:
Appears first in Lynn, MA 1653; died 1660
Haplogroup: R-A10584 (2), R-A10557
Three participants

Ingraham/Ingrome Moody:
Appears first in Lynn, MA 1653; died unknown
Haplogroup: I-M223
Five participants

Alexander Bow:
Appears first in Charlestown, MA 1658; died Middletown, CT 1678
Haplogroups: R-M269 (3), R-Z156
Four participants

William Cahoon/Calhoun/Colquhoun:
Appears in Block Island, RI 1661; d. East Rehoboth, MA, 1675
Haplogroups: R-M269 (2) and R-A89
Three participants

Robert Dunbar:
Haplogroups: R-M269 (2), R-S5750
Three participants

Patrick Fassett (alias McPherson) :
Appears first in Concord, MA 1663; died 1713
Haplogroup: R-Z283
One participant

George Gray:
Appears first in Kittery, ME 1659; died 1692
Haplogroup: R-M269
One participant

John Hamilton/Hamblton:
Appears first in Charlestown, MA 1658; died MA 1680.
Haplogroup: R-M269 (2), R-L21
Three participants

Henry Magoon/McGoon:
Appears first in Dover, NH 1656; died Exeter, NH 1684
Haplogroup: R-Z343 (2), R-M269, R-U106, R-CTS4179
Five participants

Alexander Maxcy:
Haplogroup: R-CTS2187
One participant

Alexander Maxwell:
Haplogroup: R-A1284
One participant

M’Intire (uncertain which prisoner)
Haplogroup: R-L226
One participant

James McRorie/McRory/McWithee:
Appears first in Dedham, MA 1660; died c1701
Haplogroup: I-M253
One participant

Andrew Rankin:
Appears first in Kittery, ME 1667; died 1676
Haplogroup: R-M269 (2), R-L1065
Three participants

Stewart (uncertain which prisoner)
Haplogroup: R-Z142
One participant

William Thompson:
Appears first in Kittery, ME 1656; died Dover, NH 1676
Haplogroup: R-Z288
One participant

Battle of Worcester (1651)
2-AWorcester Prisoners, transported on the John and Sarah (1651): Certain or highly likely passengers (from the John and Sarah passenger list, Suffolk Deeds).
There is no need for a B list in the case of this ship.
2-C: Worcester Prisoners, transported on the John and Sarah (1651): Possible passengers (Scots not on the John and Sarah passenger list, but likely New England indentured servants arriving early enough to have been on board but not likely to have been Unity passengers.):

William Anderson:
Appears first in Boston, MA 1657; died NY 1706
Haplogroup: R-DF21
One participant

John Maccoon:
Haplogroup: R-DF21, R-M269, R-Y22972
Three participants

James Pattison/Paterson:
Appears first in Billerica, MA 1658; died 1701
Haplogroup: R-M269
One participant

Daniel Robinson:
Appears first in New Haven, CT 1663/4; died Crosswicks, NJ 1714
Haplogroup: R-M269 (3), R-M64
Four participants

Alexander Thompson:
Haplogroup: R-Z283
One participant

Scots arriving in the Colonies in the 1650s, not known to be transported prisoners, but possible Covenanters, refugees from the Commonwealth, possible prisoners on other ships, etc.
4-A.  Other Scots in New England, 1650s (from descendants’ research)
4-B.  Other Scots in Virginia and other Colonies,1650s (from descendants’ research):

Daniel Cone/McCone/McConnell:
Appears first in Springfield, MA 1657; died 1706
Haplogroup: R-M269
One participant

Davy Daniels:
Appears first in Dover, NH 1655; died Durham, NH 1685
Haplogroup: R-S588
One participant

John Hanoman/Henderson/Handerson/Anderson/Henryson:
Appears first in Springfield, MA 1659
Haplogroup: R-L21
One participant

Thomas Ranney:
Appears first in Middletown, CT 1658; died Middletown, CT 1713
Haplogroup: R-Z17155
Three participants

Unknown McAlister
Earliest known ancestor: Findley McAllister, b. abt. 1720, d.1771 Virginia
Haplogroup: R-U152
One participant

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  2. LouAnn Corrigan says:

    I’m confused about John Maccoon. On this Y-DNA list, he is on the 2-A list of the Battle of Worcester 1651, coming on the John and Sara. When I click on his name and it takes me to his page, it states that he is #57 on the Dunbar Prisoners list, 1650. Which one is correct?

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