Daniel Mackhellin [MacQuillan], #139 on the John & Sara Passenger List

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Published on: 06 July 2016
Updated: 07 July 2016

Daniel Mackhellin is believed to be a Scottish prisoner of war from the Battle of Worcester at Worcester, Worcestershire, England on 3 Sep 1651, arriving at Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay Colony on the ketch, John & Sara, in May 1652.

139. Daniel Mackhellin [MacQuillan?]
140. John Mackhellin [MacQuillan?]

Name Variations:
Mackhellin, MacQuillan, McQuillan

First Generation in the New World

1.DANIEL¹ MACQUILLAN/MACKHELLIN, was born in Scotland.

Biographical Notes:
In The Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650 – 1775, there is a Daniel MacQuillan listed as a Royalist soldier sent to Boston on the John and Sarah 13 May 1652.

“The khe in Mackhellin gives a sound very close to qui as in quiche (not as in quick). And the final vowel is a schwa, for which a, e or i could easily be used. So phonetically MacQuillan and Mackhellin can be almost identical. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also appears as McKillen.” Best wishes, Andrew
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In later years there were several McQuillan families in the Cambridge area.