Dan Jenkins and the Elizabeth French Connection ;)

Updated: 28 Dec 2014

In September 2007, the late, Daniel “Dan” Jenkins, an experienced amateur genealogist, and member of and researcher for, the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, found the handwritten copy of the ship’s list for the Unity. This is his explanation of what he found:

Dan said, “These docs are from the Elizabeth [French] collection at the private manuscripts department of the NEHGS. Elizabeth was one of the best genealogical researchers of her day . Her collection is 59 cartons of files and docs which she obtained in person in England . It was her research that led me to finding the baptism of my ancestor Edward 1617 in Kent .

I have had and been aware of the lists of Scottish prisoners for a few years. Several ended up in Scituate, Massachusetts. A lot ended up at Lynn and Saugus Iron Works. John Hamilton was not among them.

John was one of the Dunbar prisoners who came on the “Unity” 1650 . Rest of them including James , Rory, and David came on the “John and Sarah” and were captured at Worcester.

The Capt. of the Unity lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts. I have a feeling that most of the Unity prisoners were officers rather than foot soldiers. There are many original records regarding the Dunbar prisoners , most written by Sir Arthur Haselrig.

He describes how they were fed cabbages, roots and leaves and how many became ill and died. Quite a few pages. I didn’t make copies but I can if someone really wants to see all.”

Here are the photocopies made by Daniel Jenkins for me in September 2007:

Scotch Prisoners Page #1

Scotch Prisoners Page #1

On this next page Dan had circled my ancestor John Hamilton, a Robert Junkins (for his interest) and John and Henry Magoon. I am also a descendant of a Magoon/McGoon.

Scotch Prisoners #2

Scotch Prisoners #2

Dan and I didn’t know at the time, but I have since learned that my husband’s ancestor Duncan Stewart is number 101 on this list! 🙂

Scotch Prisoners #3

Scotch Prisoners #3

Thirty-five Scots are at the Lynn Irons Works in 1653:

Scotch Prisoners #4

Scotch Prisoners #4

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  1. Allan Magoon says:

    Hi there. I just began researching my ancestry and discovered your blog. Henry Magoon was my great(x8) grandfather who you show having arrived with his brother John on the Unity. Henry’s employment with Nicolas Lissen, and subsequent marriage to his daughter is well documented, but what happened to John seems less certain. I see he was married in Hingham Mass. but as you say you are also descended from a Magoon, I was wondering which one and if you have any knowledge of what actually happened to John? Thanks for your help. Great blog. Allan Magoon

    • I have not been able to connect my Magoon to the immigrant ancestor yet. My 4th Great-Grandmother was Lucretia Magoon (1781-1855). I have not been able to find many records about her. Her father was William Magoon born in Ware, MA in 1760 and he dies in Ware in 1803. I believe his father was Isaac (134-1801) and his father was Isaac (1705-1760). That is as far back as I have. Maybe you can help me? 🙂

      • Allan Magoon says:

        What was Lucretia’s maiden name? The problem I have found is that everyone named their children after family from both sides so names are repeated with regularity for multiple generations. I have no doubt you are descended from John because he went south to MA while Henry went north to NH. Most of John’s descendants seemed to have stayed close while Henry’s slowly migrated north, eventually to Canada, and then back south to the Mid-west.

  2. Allan Magoon says:

    What I found was that John, the brother of Henry, had a son named Isaac born in Scituate MA in 1675. Isaac(1) had a son he also named Isaac(2) born in Windham CT in 1706. This Isaac(2) then also had a son he named Isaac(3) born in Palmer MA in 1734. So apparently there were three Isaac’s before William. Isaac(3), William’s father, apparently married a girl named Lucretia, which would then mean your 4th Great Grandmother was named after her grandmother. 🙂

  3. Hi, Allan, Thanks for this information… I have been researching this family a lot this past week and I will be sharing my findings on my personal blog as well as on this site. You are right about the one branch going south, first to Windham, CT, where he bought a lot of land and renamed the area “Scotland” after his paternal homeland. From there they moved to Ware, MA and lived there for many years. I think that my Lucretia Magoon may have been an illegitimate birth. I need to find a church or civil record to prove it though. Her mother was a Priscilla Cummings and the Cummings farmland was next to the Magoon farmland in Ware, MA. 🙂 http://www.gransfamilyhistory.com

  4. Matthew Doughty says:

    Wow! This is great! I’ve been digging into the Doughty line in America. Came across “The Maine Doughty” who everybody mentions might have been from Scotland and a possible POW. All the dates and timelines match up to Thomas Dowty! Love it. Never saw this one coming!!

    • teresahamiltonpepperrust says:

      Hi, Do please subscribe to the blog/website! Also, you should join our Yahoo Group. May I start a page for Thomas Dowty and add you as a descendant/researcher? Please let me know at teresa@scottishprisonersofwar.com Could he be the Thomas Doutie who married who married Elizabeth Bullie?

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