Alexander M’Nair, #77 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list

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Published on: 23 Aug 2016
Updated: 15 Sep 2016

Descendants & Researchers

Surname variation: Mackaneer

Scottish Surname:

The surnames of Scotland, their origin meaning and history ... Black, George Fraser, 1866-1948.

The surnames of Scotland, their origin meaning and history … Black, George Fraser, 1866-1948.

First Generation in the New World

1. ALEXANDER MACKANEER, was born in Scotland and died in New Hampshire about 1670. He married, DOROTHY PEARCE, daughter of fisherman, John Pearce of York. He had no children.

Biographical Notes:
Alexander was probably not one of Valentine Hill’s Scots, but he was one of the Dunbar prisoners.  He married Dorothy, the younger daughter of fisherman John Pearce of York.  When we see him as a free man, probably in his mid-30’s, he is suffering from lameness and weakness; he died about 1670, leaving no children.  His widow Dorothy married fellow Scot Micum McIntire.

John Pearce’s younger daughter Dorothy Pearce first married Scot Alexander Mackaneer (unknown date).
[Note: Stinson suspects he is the “Alexander M’Nair” who is #77 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” list.] [see also GDMNH 451]
In 1666 he and his wife were excused for their 5-week absence from church due to his lameness and weakness.
Mackaneer died about 1670; he had no children [GDMNH 451]
Before 4 Sep 1671 Dorothy Pearce Mackaneer married Micum McIntire (#61 on the Dunbar Prisoners list) [GDMNH 451, 553, 472]

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B. Craig Stinson
July 23, 2016