Alexander M’Dougall, #20 on the “Scots at Lynn 1653. Iron Works Inventory”

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Published on: 15 Sep 2016
Updated: 15 Sep 2016

Descendants & Researchers

Surname variation: MacDonell, MagDunell, MackDouel

From the old book published in 1913 by Lucien Thompson, History of Durham, New Hampshire (two volume set, vol. 2 was done by Everett Stackpole), there is an entry about Alexander MacDonell, cousin of John Roy. This part was under the section called “Exiles from Scotland” in Vol 1:
“The following deposition is found in Boston among the papers pertaining to the settlement of his estate: The testimony of Phillip Cheasly aged about forty six years saith that about ten dais before Ellexander MagDunell was drowned being att the sd deponents house heard the sd MagDunell say that if he died that he would give all that he had to his cosen John Roye livinge att Charlestown and further saith not.” dated 2 Feb. 1663.

“Allexander MackDouel (often times in the old printing of text, “u’s” were used when an “n” was not available), was taxed at Oyster River in 1661, and his estate was taxed in 1663. He was drowned between York [Maine] and Dover [NH], 16 Jan. 1663, and his property was awarded to a kinsman, John Roy of Charlestown, Mass.”
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