Alexander Maxwell, #59 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

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Published on: 6 Dec 2014
Updated: 16 Oct 2016

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Surname variations: Maxwell; POSSIBLY: Maxie, Maxcy

DNA Studies:
Scottish POW
Maxwell DNA Study – Group 6.41 – Hyperlinked genealogy reports, webpages, discussions, and lineages on the RESULTS page.

First Generation in the New World

1. ALEXANDER¹ MAXWELL, was presumably born in Scotland.

Biographical Notes:
Over the years I have asked any Maxcy I found to join our Maxwell group at FTDNA so we could compare results. So far I have not found a close (or even a distant) Y-DNA match between over 200 Maxwells and approximately 5 Maxcy lines. The Maxcy donors do tend to match each other.
I do now know the exact lineages (including those in the Lanni report) so I am asking for help to try to determine if there is some reason for this discrepancy in DNA testing (there could be several explanations) and the sources documented in Nancy Lannis genealogy report.
It would appear on the surface that Alexander Maxwell on the SPOW list and Alexander Maxcy may be different unrelated (at least genetically) men? Alternatively there could be “step brothers/ half brothers [thru a female line]” that would connect to the same male Maxwell/Maxcy etc.
Part of the dilemma is proving each generation in the various pedigrees back to the Alexander Maxwell/Maxcy.
Any suggestions and assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Donald P. Maxwell, Jr., M.D. , F.A.C.S.
18700 Wolf Creek Drive
Edmond, Okla. 73012


5 Responses to Alexander Maxwell, #59 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List

  1. Thank you…I am just beginning to work on this line. My goal is to find a DNA donor to add to the MAXWELL DNA STUDY at
    There may be another Maxwell in in Maine that connects to mid – late 1600s.
    Please email me if you know anything about these Maxwells.
    Don Maxwell

  2. Teresa,
    Thank you for adding notes to the Alexander Maxwell descendancy tree. There is quite a bit of controversy and several proposed versions to this tree. I still need male Maxwells or Maxcys to DNA test.
    Don Maxwell MD
    PS I may be very distantly related to this line [see kit 3204] (probably about the time surnames came in to common use in Scotland etc)….therefore we still need a “known” (corresponding to a line documented in the report) male Maxwell to test!

  3. I subscribed to this Scottish Prisoners of War site because of another ancestor, Duncan Stewart. Now I’m very curious about the Maxwell line, because I am a descendant of Solomon Maxwell, born in 1725 and died in 1770 (this isn’t verified by me yet). Do you have any information on Alexander Maxwell’s descendants? He is supposed to have married Jemima Roberts, and his son Thomas married Mary Ann Gordon. These Scots names do make me curious. I had always assumed they were all Scots-Irish whose families came over the early 1700s, but now I’m starting to wonder (as Duncan Stewart kind of threw me for a loop).

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