Alexander Brebner, #4 on the “Scots at Lynn 1653. Iron Works Inventory”

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Published: 14 Sep 2016
Updated: 27 Oct 2016

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Surname Variations:
Brabender, Bravender, Brabiner

First Generation in the New World

1. ALEXANDER BREBNER, was born presumably in Scotland about 1613 and died at Wenham, Massachusetts on 22 Oct 1678.

Biographical Notes:
In Jan 1663, “Allexander Brabiner aged about 50 years” was deposed.  No further information is available regarding the deposition.1
“Aged about fifty years” would make Alexander born circa 1613 and aged about 37 in 1650 at the Battle of Dunbar.”
Alexander “Bravender” of Wenham, MA, died 22 Oct 1678.  He gave items from his estate to other presumed Scottish Prisoners of War.2
No mention is made of a wife or children which one would presume he died unmarried and childless.

Other presumed SPOWs mentioned are: Robert Mackclafflin, Alexander Tomson, Jno. Ross, and Alexander Maxey.


Sources and Notes:
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