Durham University presents: From Dunbar to Saugus…

VIDEO at Vimeo!

Durham University presents: From Dunbar to Saugus: The Journey of the Scottish Prisoners of War in 1650, At Saugus Public Library on October 24, 2016

(Watch the video at Vimeo in the link above!)

Dr Pam Graves was one of the presenters and I felt she gave an excellent and concise description of the historical events leading up to the battle as well as an inspirational take on the matter.

It’s worth pausing to consider the voyages made by those ordinary men and boys, and they could probably never have anticipated the lands they would see and the new challenges they would face…the heartache of losing touch with their loved ones…the new families and loved ones they would embrace in the face of adversity…the new opportunities that they would create for themselves and you their descendants in this land…and that’s why we’re here and why we’d now like to tell you about the excavations that uncovered the remains of your ancestors’ comrades in arms and possible relatives.
~ Dr. Pam Graves

The video is nearly 54 minutes long but worth the time. You will be so much better informed afterwards!



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