From Dunbar to Saugus! EVENT!!

Don’t miss this event!

If you plan to attend, please let Sophie know at, so she can make sure she has enough handouts available! Thanks!


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6 Responses to From Dunbar to Saugus! EVENT!!

  1. Joyce (Newton) Gillett says:

    This would be soooo interesting! Will it be videod…for later viewing by those of us unable to attend? Will the ‘handouts’ be available for us online? What a great experience!

    Enjoy all those who can.

  2. Sandra A. Andrews says:

    I agree with Joyce (Newton) Gillett ….. I really hope it’ll be videoed, so the ones of us that could not be there in person, can see………..also any “handouts” would be wonderful also.
    I have 4 SPOW ancestors….2 of them were @ the Saugus Iron Works.
    Thank you.

  3. Doris Miller-Yetton says:

    I echo Sandra and Joyce! I would love to see the lecture and/or see the handouts, but I am unable to attend.
    Hope that it would be possible!
    Very exciting…

  4. From Andrew Millard regarding the event listed above on 25 Oct 2016.
    “We intend to make an audio recording, which we will upload to the project website. After we have returned we can also make the presentation slides available.”
    Best wishes

    Dr. Andrew Millard
    Director of the Institute of Medieval &
    Early Modern Studies, and
    Senior Lecturer in Archaeology,
    Durham University, UK

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