Battle of Dunbar Re-enactment weekend is here!


The Battle of Dunbar Re-enactment weekend is finally here!

We have several Scottish Prisoner of War descendants and researchers from America attending the festivities in Scotland this weekend.

Check out our re-enactment page for real-time updates from those attending this wonderful event.

Representatives of our Scottish Prisoners of War Society will be giving a chat about the transported prisoners on Sunday morning:

dpaBoundless thanks go to the Scottish Battlefield Trust, the English Civil War Society, Dr. Andrew Millard of Durham University Archaeology Department, John Cleary of Heriot-Watt University Languages & Culture Department, the Scottish Prisoners of War Society, and all behind-the-scenes people who worked to make the re-enactment a remarkable event.

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3 Responses to Battle of Dunbar Re-enactment weekend is here!

  1. Donna B. says:

    What an exciting event to observe!!! Wish my daughter and I could be there!!!
    All the best to everyone involved…

  2. Kirsten Fredrickson says:

    I wish I could be there. I was in Scotland last July and at least had the opportunity to see Dunbar and Doon Hill (my photo is the header on this page). I look forward to hearing about the event. – Grand-daughter to POW James Mackall (10x Great-Grandfather)

  3. Sharon Taylor says:

    Oh would love to attend. I am a direct descendent of John craigon sent to the states on the John A

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