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I’ve been meaning to get around to doing this for a while now and since I didn’t have any groundbreaking updates this week I decided the time was now…so here goes:

I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed about this site, its purpose, what I do and what you can do, too.

I started the blog on April 11, 2016, so a little over three years ago, as a way to gather together in one place all we know about the SPOW’s, specifically from the battles of Dunbar and Worcester. We had our Yahoo Group going since August 4, 2007, which was great, but we needed a site to gather our collective knowledge.

The website currently has 238 subscribers. We have 372 members in the Yahoo Group, but only 238 subscribers to the blog. If you go to the blog via Facebook or the Internet, you are not subscribed. Subscribers are the only ones guaranteed to receive blog posts. To subscribe one must enter their e-mail address at the website.

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Under “Join 238 other subscribers” add your email address to be subscribed. 🙂










I spend about 10-15 hours a week adding to and updating our pages. I am attempting to create a page for each man listed on the George S. Stewart lists and the John and Sara passenger list. This is very time consuming but it has its benefits in that I become very familiar with the whole crew and their familial connections. In the first few generations many of the SPOW’s are living near each other and their children intermarry. I see patterns in the records and so on. I hope to have something at the site to help others discover their SPOW and to also be able to encourage them to join our efforts and share what they know about their Scottish ancestor. I also use the site as a way to find potential Y-DNA participants. 🙂

My goal right now is to have the first THREE generations of each SPOW recorded on this site.

What you can do: Search for your ancestor at the site and if you find him, please look the information over carefully and notify me of any errors or omissions. The whole site is searchable! There is a SEARCH window just below the header on the top right of the page. If you have information about your SPOW ancestor and do not see a page for him please contact me and let’s get a page started. Do contact me about adding your name as a desc./researcher, so cousins may contact you.

I do all of this as a hobby/passion but I am not a professionally trained genealogist. I currently do all of the writing and editing myself. I would LOVE to have a few other people to help with research or at the very least editing. If you ever see errors please let me know. I am also open to suggestions.

The best way to contact me is through e-mail at:

Any questions?

Teresa (Hamilton/Pepper) Rust
A direct descendant of: John Hamilton, proven through DNA and paper trail.
A most likely descendant of: John Magoon (MacGown), through paper trail.
My husband and four children are direct descendants of: Duncan Stewart, through the paper trail.

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18 Responses to Information About This Site

  1. Michael Moores LeBlanc says:

    Hello Teresa,
    Love your website. I get regular updates from you and follow them reasonably closely.

    I contacted you some time ago about my own Scottish Pow (presumed Battle of Woscester ?) ancestor (John Man (Mann) & his brothers Patrick & Daniel.
    Unfortunately, I know nothing yet about the latter two men.

    John Man aka ‘Jan Man from Rode Island’ settled in Rhode Island. His two sons married into prominent old ‘New Amsterdam’ Dutch Families, the Van Deursens.

    I am desperate to learn more about any of this fraternal trio.

    While I know very little about John & his brothers, my information on the succeeding generations of John children is very well in hand. They turned into a fascinating colonial family – coopers & privateers during the F&I War, Fervrent Loyalist in the Rev War expelled to Canada, WI & WWII veterans . . . and finally down to the present day in my family (myself & sons) who serve in the British Crown Forces in Rev War re-enactments.

    As I am unsure my first submission of information was received, here is again.


    Michael Moores LeBlanc


  2. Joanie Wachter says:

    I’m just starting the genealogy adventure and appreciate all that you are doing. Thank you!

  3. Marion Gonzales says:

    Hi, Teresa,
    Correction, maybe… you started this 3 years ago was 2013? I am direct descendant to Henry Magoon through what you called paper trail and most likely Ingram Moody…if indeed his son was Clement Moody. Some of Moody paper trail a little shaky.
    Marion Belle Steele

  4. Michele L Fuller says:

    Which way does your Stewart line go? Duncan’s granddaughter married a Trask and that is my line

  5. barbara bricker says:

    Great to get this week’s overview. I finally have a male Ross descendant, named Ross as a candidate for the DNA Test. I think is a special one from a specific vendor. Where can I find that information?

  6. barbara bricker says:

    So how do I get a ROSS page started?

    • Do you have a specific Ross in mind? Contact me at and we can do it!

      • barbara bricker says:

        Oh the post just received you have a lot of Ross info for another passenger. Do we have any idea of their relationship, if any. You are starting summer events and I am as well, so no need to rush an answer about how to start a ROSS page.
        #218 on the John and Sara is the man I believe to be my ancestor:
        Daniel Ross
        BIRTH 1613 • Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
        DEATH ABT. 1683 • Massachusetts, British Colonies

  7. Donna B. says:

    Thank you for all the time and effort you spend on this blog in sharing information and connecting folks. It is much appreciated!!!

  8. Nelda Upton Gallerano says:

    I am the direct descendent of John Upton #27 at the Iron Works. All of my research shows he is English having been born in Newton Ferris to English parents. He and his descendants are well documented in the colonies. My question is: How did this young man come to fight and be captured with the Scots? Thank you for your time and devotion to this project. I have learned so much through your website.

  9. Danyelle Robinson says:

    The Yahoo group for SPOW’s is overrun with ads…. Do you still use that site for discussions? I believe I am related to one of the Robson’s aboard the John & Sarah (there is no other record of John or James Robison’s arrival). Our last name has been Robison for centuries (until my grandmother changed it on her marriage license). I have traced our Robison paternal line from my father Frank Perkins Robison I to James Robson (Sr.?, his son is also James) (also listed Jeems Robberson). He claimed he was born in England but others say he may have actually been born in NY. He was born 1687, and married Wilhelmina Clearwater (Wntjen Klaarwater). The names James and John reoccur in our family during that time. As such, I suspect that prisoners #214, 215 or 216, is the grandfather of our James. (The last name has been spelled Robson, Robbertsz, Roberson, Robberson, Robinson, Robison). My grandfather was names Clisby (His is the first time the name appears in my family – possibly connection to Cleasby England?) but he was always called “Robi.”

    • That is an old group which was abandoned by the owner. A new Yahoo group was started in 2007. Here are some Robinsons:
      211. Alester Robinson
      212. Charles Robinson
      213. Daniel Robinson, Y-DNA Study
      214. James Robinson
      215. John Robinson
      216. John Robinson
      What do you know about your Scottish POW? Would you like to set up a page for him on our website? With my help, of course!

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