Weekly Updates!

Weekly Updates for the week of: June 5th – 11th:

Bold surnames are believed to be related to other SPOWs. Please let me know if you spot any errors or have more to add. ~ Teresa

Henry Magoon, #49 on The Dunbar Prisoners list. Includes surnames: Ash, Blake, Clark, Gilman and Moody.

James Pattison, #204 on the John & Sarah passenger list. Includes surname: Stevenson.

John Magoon, #48 on The Dunbar Prisoners list. Includes surnames: Ford, Hobart and MackFarlin. (Purdie MacFarland)

William Eager, #21 on The Dunbar Prisoners list. Includes surnames: Banister, Cheevers, Hill, Kerley, Manning, Newton and Woods.


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15 Responses to Weekly Updates!

  1. William Paul says:

    I am going to the Battle of Dunbar reenactment Sept. 16-17. Is there any research on clans being there or where the Scotish POWs were from in Scotland? My ancestor was William Paull (1624-1704)?

  2. Bill Clark says:

    According to my genealogy research, John Clark had a son and a daughter that married children of other Scottish POW:

    JONATHAN CLARK was born in 1661. He married Mary MAGOON, daughter of Henry MAGOON and Elizabeth LISSON on 06 Sep 1686 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. She was born on 09 Aug 1666 in Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

    SARAH CLARK was born on 14 Dec 1668 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts. She died in 1711 in Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire. She married Ingram “Clement” MOODY, son of Ingraham MOODY about 1701 in USA. He was born in 1661 in Essex, Massachusetts.

  3. Inez Foster says:

    I’m not sure how this works, but I believe my ancestor John Brown was the same man as the one listed on the ship’s list of the John and Sara as a Scottish prisoner transported to New England after the Battle of Worcester. He would have been about 19 at the time and is listed on a land transaction as the Scotsman.

  4. I just found out that my GGF John Mackholme/MacCoone/ McKoon/McCoon and other variations came over on the John and Sarah. He had served in the Scottish army under David Leslie. He settled in Cambridge and married a Deborah Bush who d. 1664/5 , then married a Sarah Wood. He lived and traveled back and forth between Cambridge and Westerly, RI and spent some time in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Most of his children were born in Cambridge and are recorded in the register of the Church of Christ, Cambridge MA. His will was written in 1697, filed 4 May 1705 and he died 8 Oct 1705 in Cambridge. I am descended from his son Daniel who married widow Sarah (Cook) Place. I’m wondering if anyone else here is descended from this family.

  5. Ted Muendel (Mother was a Fassett) thus he is my says:

    Our ancestor, Patrick Macpherson, according to our family records, was a POW on the John and Sarah. He arrived in Charlestown (Boston) in 1652. However, we are told that he changed his name to Fassett, to avoid the prejudice as a Scot and to conceal his prior identity. He settled in Lexington MA. He died in Nov 1713 at the age of about 85.

    On the ship passenger manifest, there is no Patrick Macpherson listed per se. So the mystery continues.

    Will appreciate any information since earlier records were not available as they are now.

  6. Ted Muendel (Mother was a Fassett) thus he is my GGGF says:

    see earlier posting without my email, now attached.

  7. Lynn Drummond says:

    looking for a Neal McCone or Cone .Prisoner #145 off of the John and Sarah in New England, family history says that he is a step father, ? Marrying Ann Cooper

  8. Bonnie white says:

    In doing research for two of my children I have found that they are decendents of John Edminsteire who arrived on the John and Sara in 1652. He was married to Hannah (last name unknown) and then to Sarah Thompson in Massachuetts. I wonder if his last name was really Edmonstone. I plan to have the children do a DNA.

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