New Blog Launched by Archaeology Dept. at Durham University

I am pleased to share this message with you all from, Chris Gerrard,
Head of the Department of Archaeology at Durham University,
regarding the Scottish Soldiers project:
I received it today at 3:17 am.
“Dear all,
You are invited to visit a new blog, launched by Durham University’s
Department of Archaeology, which features first-hand accounts of
research being carried out on the remains of 17th Century Scottish Soldiers.
In response to significant global public interest in the Scottish Soldiers
project, the blog will provide regular posts from the archaeologists who
are continuing to analyse the remains as well as those carrying out
historical research. Over the next few weeks the blog will share the
archaeologists’ progress as they record the bones digitally using 3D
modelling techniques. The blog will offer a fascinating insight into what
happens in the laboratory, where leading archaeologists will be carrying
out cutting-edge scientific investigations with the bones and teeth of these
individuals. In time, it is hoped that we will discover much more about
these people, which could include where they came from, what they ate
and what kind of diseases or medical conditions they may have had, adding
to our knowledge of this turbulent period of British history.The blog can
be viewed at;
please feel free to share the link.For further information about the Scottish Soldiers Archaeology Project see the
project website: #ScotsSoldiers.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Kind regards,

Chris Gerrard
Head of the Department of Archaeology
Durham University”

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