Wednesday’s Weekly Updates

Much information has been added to these two pages today:

John Upton (Rupton), #27 on the “Scots in Lynn 1653. Iron Works Inventory” (Includes surnames: Thompson, Frost, Fraile, Mackintire, Marsh, Stimpson, Gray, Wilkins and Hayward.)

William Cahoon, #12 on ‘The Dunbar Prisoners’ List (Includes surnames: Jones and Nickerson.)

Please notify me of any corrections or additions needed.


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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Weekly Updates

  1. Doreen Gray says:

    In your Wed post 4/27/16, you mention new surnames from the Lynn Iron Works. Where can I find out more about this “new” list? I see “Gray” listed, and I am wondering if this is another relation to George Gray who was sent to the sawmills in Maine.

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