What do you know about the English Civil War?

It always helps to know as much as you can about the historical context of your ancestors.

Here are three very different You Tube presentations of the English Civil War in which our Scottish prisoners of war were participants and survivors. So whether you have three minutes or 96.58 minutes, you have no excuse to not learn something new about it today.

So get that cup of tea, coffee or bowl of popcorn, sit down and enjoy!

The English Civil War in Three Minutes: (fast)
English Civil War – Three Minute History

English Civil War – Learning Zone – Dramatized: (fun)
Part One – 9:13 mins
Part Two – 9:58 mins

English Civil War at Yale (scholarly, excellent, English accent)
20. Constitutional Revolution and Civil War, 1640-1646 – 49:46 mins.
21. Regicide and Republic, 1647-1660 – 47:11

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