Wednesday’s Weekly Updates!

Greetings SPOW Descendants and Researchers!

In an effort to not flood your INBOX I am going to try and send out a single post with all of the updates for the week on just one day per week, ideally Wednesday. 🙂 I will be calling it Wednesday’s Weekly Updates. That helps me to remember!!! 😉

I have been working very hard to update as many pages as possible. My new format is to have THREE generations of each SPOW written out in REGISTER format (what they use at the NEHGS). ONLY the first three generations. Hopefully that will aid in others being able to find their connection to a SPOW.

Below the REGISTER formatted beginning will be all the SOURCES and NOTES for the SPOW.

Please take a good look at your SPOW page or pages and let me know of any apparent errors or additions which need addressing.

Thanks for your time and have fun researching!

Without further ado here are this weeks NEW and UPDATED pages!

NEW pages added this week!

Thomas Dowty

UPDATED pages:

Battle of Dunbar POWs in America

Alexander Bogle

Alexander Cooper

Daniel Forbes/Farrabas…

Edward Wyer

John Cragon/Craggen

John Macoone

Alexander Stewart

Duncan Stewart

William Thompson


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  1. Jessie lopez says:

    In my recent research I have found that Alexander Maxwell is 8 times grandfather. He is listed as one of the scottish prisoners of war. Your website has been very interesting and informative. Thank you for all u do.

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