Durham Castle to hold meeting to decide fate of Battle of Dunbar soldiers’ remains

31 Jan 2016 – www.chroniclelive.co.uk

A castle where hundreds of Scottish prisoners died will be the venue for a public meeting which will help decide what happens to the remains of some of the captives discovered in a city centre grave pits.

Dr Anwen Caffell with bones from skeletons discovered in a mass grave in Durham that have been identified by experts as the remains of Scottish prisoners of war which laid untouched for almost 400 years


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10 Responses to Durham Castle to hold meeting to decide fate of Battle of Dunbar soldiers’ remains

  1. William Paul says:

    My ancestor William Paul (1624-1704) was a survivor of the Battle of Dunbar, the forced march, Durham Castle, and 6 years of indentured servitude in Taunton Massachsett.
    Do you know of any earlier record?

  2. Jean Hayter says:

    While my two Scottish prisoners survived – were brought to America and sold into indenture – I feel the soldier’s who died and the bones should be honored in some manner. Something like the Prison Ship Martyr’s Monument in Brooklyn, NY holding the bones of those who died on the British Prison Ships during the American Revolution while the British held New York City for eight long years.

  3. Ken McIntyre says:

    Hello, my name is Ken McIntyre. My descendent (thru my own research with much help of others) is Philip McIntire. He came to New England on a ship called Unity with 2 brothers. My lineage that follows went from Massachusetts to Vermont, to eastern NY, & eventually to the military tract lands of upstate NY to a town called Sterling, NY. Still have family there as my father & mother spent their youth there.
    I find it fascinating that they are recovering remains from this battle. Would love someday to get to Scotland and see things for myself.

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