Reunion: A Search for Ancestors by Ryan Littrell (Clan MacDonald)

I read this little book in the summer of 2013:

Reunion: A Search for Ancestors by Ryan Littrell

It isn’t specifically about the Dunbar or Worcester prisoners but it is about a Scottish clan and family and it is written in a very creative way, weaving together Scottish history, his research and DNA findings. You are basically taken on one young man’s journey to discover his MacDonald ancestry. It is an example of how anyone of us could write about our family history journeys in a way that would entertain our children and grandchildren.

Here is what one reviewer says about it:

I loved this book. Ryan writes with great emotion and love of family….His experience with newfound cousins in Scotland who are willing to sit and talk is completely consistent with my own experience. I’m asking my children and older grandchildren to read it ASAP.” (Mark MacDonald, National Historian of Clan Donald USA)

I think many of you would enjoy it!

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