Once a soldier always a soldier?

King Philip's War
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The following information comes from the book Soldiers in King Philip’s war… by George M. Bodge.  We find mention of 5 Scottish POWs of which 3, and possibly one other, were actively serving as soldiers.

Mordicai MacLeod, his wife, and two small children were killed on the first day of the assault upon Lancaster, MA (Sunday, 20 Aug 1675), p352.

Alexander Bogell was wounded 19 Dec 1675, p178.

John MacLoud was killed at the Rowlandson garrison house in Lancaster, MA on 10 Feb 1675/6, p353.

“Hoo Steward” (Hugh Stewart) served under Capt Wm Turner, p239 and 248.

John Bean of Exeter received £9,4,0 on 24 Oct 1676 for his service, p449.

Also a son of a Scottish POW:  Joseph Fassett, son of Patrick of Billerica, granted Lot #53 of Narraganset Township #6, p436.  (Note: Land grants were often used as payment for  services rendered to the crown.)

Source: Bodge, George Madison, Soldiers in King Philip’s war: being a critical account of that war, with a concise history of the Indian wars of New England from 1620-1677, official lists of the soldiers of Massachusetts colony serving in Philip’s war, and sketches of the principal officers, Rockwell and Churchill Press: Boston, 1896. The book is out of copyright and can be download for free at: http://bit.ly/1xMO9qr or you can purchase a 2014 reprint from NEHGS.

NOTE:  This is not a scholarly post as only one secondary source was used.  Please verify all data with primary and additional sources.

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