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Please join us at our YAHOO GROUP where it is easier to discuss the Scottish prisoners of war and the Y-DNA Study.


“This group focuses on finding our Scots ancestors who were taken prisoner after the Battles of Dunbar (1650) and Worcester (1651), in which the Scots were defeated by the English under Oliver Cromwell. Some were Covenanters, some were Royalists (supporters of Prince Charles). They were later sent to the American Colonies. Our goal is to locate historical data, ships’ lists, prisoner lists, and other information of genealogical value to descendents of the “Scottish Rebels.””

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4 Responses to Our Yahoo Group

  1. Susi Pentico says:

    Since we have so many Scottish researchers can I reference this on my blog page for our members?

    • Yes, please pass the word! The Yahoo Group is for the research of the Scottish prisoners of war from the Battles of Dunbar and Worcester. A portion of the SPOWs were sent to Massachusetts Bay in 1651 and 1652. Thousands of Americans descend from these men, many of whom served their time as indentured servants and then purchased property, married and had children, grandchildren and so on.

  2. Margaret Ann Samuels says:

    Well, I have subscribed but don’t see an advantage; am I supposed to open an account and have a password? That’s just more complex than I contemplated.

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