Scottish Prisoner of War: William Thompson (c 1635, Scotland – d.1676 in Kittery, Maine)

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THOMPSON, William:
141. William Thompson/Thomson:
Written and submitted by:
Descendants and Researchers – Jackie Thompson ( and Rich Thompson

William Thompson is listed #105 on the Elizabeth French Bartlett list on the ship Unity. 
In Charles Edward Banks “Scotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell, 1651-1652” William  is listed as being from the Battle of Dunbar and working at the Great Works Saw Mill managed by Richard Leader, who fled to Barbados in 1656 after getting into a bit of trouble with ruling politics between Maine and Massachusetts. He left the SPOWs destitute and it is unclear if he set them free at that time. However, grants of land for these men began appearing in court records at that time. 

1656 – William received a grant of land in Dover, NH. This was laid out, March 17, 1658/1659 “beyond Cocheco Logg Swamp.”   On November 8, 1715 William’s son John Thompson, Sr. of Dover, conveyed to John Tuttle fifty acres of land which “were granted to my father, William Thompson, by the town of Dover.”  It lay beyond Cocheco Log Swamp, “bounded on the south by Bellamy Bank River.” There is no evidence that William Thompson ever lived on this grant.

October 15, 1656 – Kittery Records – 23 acres were assigned to “William Thompson and his heirs forever at a town meeting in Kittery, Maine by John White” (William’s future father in law). It was located a short way below Sturgeon Creek. 

1658 – William married a daughter of John Whites – Mary Elizabeth White(born 1639 in Kittery, Maine).

1659 – William Thompson was presented at York Court “for rebellion against his father and mother-in-law” He bound himself to the court in a bond of 20 Pounds “that hee will be of good behavior towards all men, especially towards his father and mother.” (State copy of Court Records, Vol. I page 331.)

1676 – William died Kittery/York/Maine and his estate was appraised, June 22 of that year, at 52 Pounds and 18 Shillings. He left twenty-three acres of land, a house and orchard in Kittery, Maine, and fifty acres in Dover, NH, which he gave to his sons. His wife had died before 1676. He left children, whose ages were given in 1677 as follows:
John Thompson, aged 18 (Born 1658)
William Thompson, aged 16 (Born 1661)
Robert Thompson, aged 13 (Born 1664)
James Thompson, aged 11 (Born 1666)
Alexander Thompson, aged 6 (Born 1671)
Judith Thompson, aged 2 (Born 1675)

We are descended from Alexander Thompson.

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  1. Phil Swan says:

    I’m sure Jackie and Rich won’t mind if I update this last entry which is well written. I descend from William Thompson’s eldest son, John Tomson/Thompson. John and Lucy White had 5 children in America after they were married about 1634…I say 1634 because John apparently arrived in about 1632. It seems that John had been married in England, and had a son, Nathaniel born 1629. I have not taken the time to try to unravel that one yet and am dealing with what truths I can discover in America for John and wife Lucy. Elizabeth b. 1639 in Kittery married William Thompson; Mary was unmarried in 1665 when she was presented at court for bearing a child out of wedlock; Sarah b. 1640 married Adrian Frye who was the neighbor to the north of William Thompson; Hannah b ? married John Allen. Seems there was a son named John White, Jr. I know nothing of him….yet. Hope this helps, phil swan p.s. My paternal grandmother was a Thompson lass.

  2. Michael Thompson says:

    Hi there,
    I am also a descendent of William Thompson’s son, Alexander Thompson. I am very glad I found this, thank you.

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