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Over at our Scottish War Prisoners Yahoo Group we are discussing and sharing all about our Scottish POWs from the Battle of Dunbar and Battle of Worcester. If you believe you have one of these POWs in your ancestry PLEASE join us at the Yahoo Group as we are getting some help and interest from an historian/genealogist/DNA specialist living in Edinburgh.

NOW is the time to join in and share what you know so you’ll be able to get some help from the group and Mr. J. Cleary.

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  1. Mike LeBlanc says:

    Hello Theresa,
    Great website !

    The Ghosts of our Genes may have met in the past.

    There seems to be good reason to believe my direct ancestor, John Man/Mann was one of three brothers (Daniel & Patrick) transported to the Americans on the ‘John & Sarah’ in 1651.

    Other that that I can find no earlier trace of them nor do I know when nor where they were captured.

    Even the trade(s) to which they were indentured is a mystery to me – it seems they did not work in an Iron foundry – their names do not appear in the lists I have read quickly.

    While Daniel & Patrick seem completely lost in the mists of time, Scots Soldier John Man is a wee-bit better known – he’s the Man/Mann family ‘Grand Patriarch’ of that family Clan here in the Bay de Chaleur area.

    He married ‘Sarah – nfd.’ In 1665 they begat John (‘Jan Men of Rhode Island’).
    Scots Soldier John Man died in 1708.
    He must have done well or else his only know child, a son very lucky in having two of his sons marring into prominent Dutch NY City families – two sisters.

    John (‘Jan Men of Rhode Island’), b. 1665 was a ‘Cortdwainer.
    He married Elizabeth-Johanna nfd.
    They had five children b. Quinanicut, Province of Rhode Island (Jamestown, RI).
    1688-1755 Jan. m. Elizabeth Van Deursen.
    1689-1767 Edward. m. Marytje ‘Maria’ Van Deursen.
    Phillip 1695-nfd.
    Mary 1698.
    This was a wealthy generation of merchants importing glass ware and goods from Scotland, etc.
    One branch, Edward’s was involved in privateering, his son Abraham being lost as captain of a ship in dec 1747.

    In the following generation, John Man’s son, Issac (further Col of Albany Militia* and founder of Stillwater-Saratoga, NY in 1764) m. Annatje ‘Anne’ Jeffries, whose mother was Cornelia Van Varick, another old & prominent Dutch NY family.
    *He was succeeded by Maj-Gen Phillip Schuyler, the well know ‘Revolting’ American officer.

    During the troubled times of the American Revolution, ex-Col Isaac Man and his four sons were active ‘Die-Hard’ Loyalists, running in the circles of the famous but never quite being remembered themselves except in numerous archive references.

    For their Loyalist efforts they ended up in Canada leaving all their material goods behind in the old Province of NY.

    I’d be pleased to share much more with you if you are interested & hope, if you are able direct me in some what that might help recover more of the stories/roots of the three indentured brothers.

    The lesson, as I look down the generations, seems to be that being Loyal is means you get to lose your shirt but get to trace a lot too : )

    Michael Moores LeBlanc

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