Scotsman James Adams, a POW

James ADAMS: A Scottish prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar on 3 Sep 1650.

#1 – James Adams is #1 on the Iron Works Inventory in the Elizabeth French Bartlett collection at the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

#2 –  “About 17 Scots were subcontracted to the colliers (charcoal makers) and other plant workers. Accounting records show that a few of the Scots received wages from the Company for skilled work. For example, James Adams was paid for managing ox teams” also, “…Scots James Adams, George Darling, Malcolm Maccallum, John Mackshane, and John Pardee ran the ironworks farming operation.” From: Hammersmith Through the Historical Texts by Janet Regan and Curtis White.

#3 – According to the Scots Charitable Society records he made a a donation to the SCS on 6 Jan 1657.

Are you a descendant of James Adams?

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3 Responses to Scotsman James Adams, a POW

  1. Al says:

    From “The Scots of Hammersmith” by Stephen P. Carlson, in the Appendix

    Adams, James – He worked with both John Gifford’s and Daniel Salmon’s teams carting for the iron works. In 1656, he sued Samuel Bennett for taking away his cart and wheels, and Nicholas Pinnion for debt. A member of the Scots Charitable Society in 1658, he may be the James Adams who was at Concord in 1672.

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  2. Adams says:

    Yes, I have a relationship to this individual.

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