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In August 2007, Eleanor Hall, started the “Scottish War Prisoners” Yahoo Group because the original “Scottish Prisoner of War” Yahoo Group had been badly spammed and the owner/moderator had gone walkabout ;). I am a co-moderator with Eleanor Hall for the group. She is the owner/moderator. There are currently 74 members to the Yahoo Group.
Yahoo Group:

I then started the Facebook page as a way to get the word out about the Yahoo Group and to make contact with other researchers. We currently have 87 LIKES!

Then I started the BLOG/WEB site to try to gather as much information to one location about our Scottish POWs. There are 58 people now following the blog.

We have recently been discussing the idea of a Scottish POW DNA Project at the Blog. It would be much easier to have our discussion in the Yahoo Group. So, I am recommending everyone to join the Yahoo Group where we can continue the discussion.


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  1. Charles Mitchell says:

    Descendant of Henry Mitchell, indentured servant whose passage was paid by a Mr. Thomas who received the headright for Henry’s passage in 1654. Henry is next found in Surrey Co. VA

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