Four Andersons came on the ‘John and Sara’

We have FOUR Scottish POWs with the surname of Anderson on our ‘John and Sara’ list. Today we made contact with the descendant of one of them. Does anyone else recognize the other three?

1. Alester Anderson: NEHGS could be spelled Alastair
2. David Anderson: NEHGS
3. John Anderson: NEHGS
4. William Anderson: NEHGS, BIO

They are all listed on the NEHGR list online.

Please let me know if you can ID any of these men. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Four Andersons came on the ‘John and Sara’

  1. Kim Anderson says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I have a major brick wall on my family tree. We cannot find the parents of my Paternal GGG Grandfather John Connally Anderson b. 1834 TN d. 1905 TX.

    In my attempts to knock over this wall we have done extensive DNA testing with 23 and Me, Family Tree DNA and Ancestry DNA. We are also in the Gedmatch database. Genetic Genealogy seems to be my only way to solve this mystery.

    I have been told through family lore that the Andersons are Scots-Irish and DNA test results appear to confirm that due to a heavy concentration of Great Britain and Ireland in our Admix Results. I have thought that maybe one way to get around this brick wall would be to join the Anderson surname project with Family Tree DNA. So far no results. Then I thought perhaps it would be helpful to find all the original Anderson settlers to the Colonies with Scottish or Irish heritage and work down genealogically from there hoping it would lead to our John Connally Anderson.

    I saw your email regarding these Anderson POW’s today. I have had a strong feeling that maybe our ancestors were indentured servants or POW’s. I’m wondering if this descendant of William Anderson has done any DNA testing? Genetic Genealogy is likely my only way to figure this out. Would you be able to put us in contact with one another? I would also like to know if you have any idea of any DNA studies linking these POW’s to their descendants?

    Thank you!

    Kim Anderson

    • Kim, I’ve added Terry’s email address to his ancestor William Anderson on the site. Here it is You can ask him about the DNA. We have done DNA on my Hamilton ancestor and I have joined the Scottish DNA Project but I would LOVE to see a Scottish POW DNA Project develop.That has been something I have thought about for a while.

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