DNA and Our Scottish POWs

I have been thinking about this for a while and it came up again today. Why don’t we start a DNA Project for descendants of the Scottish POWs which arrived in Massachusetts in 1651 and 1652?

I belong to several DNA projects: the Hamilton DNA Project for my Scottish POW ancestor, John Hamilton, and the Scottish DNA Project, in hopes of finding a connection to Scotland someday for my Hamilton ancestor, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to join a Scottish POW DNA Project where we can all compare our DNA to see if we had a relative on the ships with us?

There were several Hamiltons on the lists and several Andersons and so on. At the very least it would eliminate connections to those that shared the same surname and there is the possibility that we might find a relative among the group?

People would be able to join the project if they thought they had a connection and we might be able to break through some brick walls?

I am not qualified to take on such a project but I would be very supportive. 🙂 Any takers?

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  1. Terrance Anderson Filter says:

    Family Tree Dna has the capacity to do this I think…I have participated in the Anderson project with a fourth cousin in New Brunswick Canada who traced his lineage to the same Isaac Anderson son of “John and Sara”
    William and we are a match…

  2. Kim Anderson says:

    I think it’s a great idea! I’m in the Scottish DNA project too.

    Not sure how to go about administering this but know it can be done on FTDNA. Hope there is an interest. Even if an official “project” isn’t formed, we could still at the least be comparing our DNA, from any of the 3 major companies, on Gedmatch to establish a DNA connection. Then we could look at our trees.

    My Dad has his Y DNA at 67 markers with FTDNA. So far I haven’t gotten any leads with the 2 projects he has joined. Hoping in time something will turn up in time.

    It could really help break down some walls.


  3. I can see this as a project on FTDNA and I hope someone will run with this. I just don’t personally have the time. I am caring for my father for about another month and have two children at home with a daughter graduating from HS this May. Let’s pass the idea around and maybe someone will take it up? Also…you two should join the Yahoo Group at scottish_war_prisoners-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

  4. Kevin McKinney says:

    Teresa and All,
    I am involved in the Family Tree DNA project as well. I have yet to discover how/who I descend from in the Scottish POW group but, have theory I go back to the early Unity group.
    My 3 McKinney cousins and myself did this several years ago to prove our paperwork,and the last common ancestor we share was 7 generations ago, and we match perfectly and we live all over America and have never met. What is interesting is we also match perfectly a man from Canada named MacDougall. So we feel either there was an adoption or FPE (false paternal event) back in Scotland prior to 1650.
    After many, many years of research we feel the only way our descendancy will be discovered is by DNA and encourage more people to get involved. Here here. Kevin McKinney
    York Harbor. ME

    • Hi, Kevin, I think there is enough interest to get a project going because several of us already have done our tests. What we need is an administrator. We need someone with some computer skills, too! I noticed you are from York, ME. My husband’s ancestors were in York County in the 17th century, they were the HILTON family.

      • Kevin McKinney says:

        Teresa , I have Hiltons and Hamilton’s in my line and have done extensive research on many of these lines. Edward Hilton was the first settler in bloody point now Dover nh 1623. My ancestor Catherine McKenney married Gabriel Hamilton and it goes on and on . I am kind of busy running my charter business in Virgin Islands but, did talk with my cousin about the same administrator concerns. Maybe you should contact him and copy me see if we can get some conversation going. His name Ted Mills millsted@westelcom.com. My email islemon@Maine.rr.com

        We have dome extensive research on the scots of southern Maine more than anyone I feel. If you know anyone that can get us in Baker Library at Harvard they have original records of the Saugas Iron works but, not receptive to genealogists

  5. kaari says:

    Great idea! John Sinkler/Sinclair’s has been done & Clan MacBean ihas just started on DNA research so John MacBean’sshould be narrowed down soon

  6. Ted says:

    Excellent idea! Can FTDNA help us find a project administrator?

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