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The Iron Peacock

The Iron Peacock by Mary Stetson Clarke. An historical FICTION for youth. I read this book several years ago, probably 8 years ago?, to my two youngest children. It is a book of special interest because it is set in … Continue reading

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Are you a Scottish Taylor?

Here is some new information about John/James Taylor, currently #136 on our “Unity” passenger’s list. Is he your relative, too? TAYLOR, JAMES/JOHN: 138. James Taylor [Probably “John” rather than “James”]: IWI; OBHS; SPRC; BIO; D; R: Descendant and Researcher, Myron Smith, says, “I … Continue reading

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Passengers on the John and Sarah as found in David Dobson’s Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775:

Updated: 16 Feb 2014 THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE!!! I WILL BE ADDING MORE NAMES IN DAYS TO COME! Passengers on the John and Sarah as found in David Dobson’s Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775: Alastair Anderson [#1] –  “Royalist soldier captured at … Continue reading

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Keep Looking for Common Threads

Updated: 15 Feb 2014 The lists below show common threads, that run between the Scottish POWs, which may aid us in discovering more facts and details about their lives. Members of the Scots’ Charitable Society and the Iron Works Inventory … Continue reading

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Our POWs in The Essex Genealogist c1986

About Essex Genealogist, The The leading publication for genealogical research in Essex County, Massachusetts, this quarterly journal has been published since 1981 by The Essex Society of Genealogists (founded in 1975). Within the pages of this journal are selections of … Continue reading

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Some Common Threads

These men are tied to two Scottish POW related documents which gives some credibility to their being Scottish POWs: On the Iron Works Inventory List and Early Members of the Scots Charitable Society: 1. James ADAMS, made a donation on 6 Jan 1657 to … Continue reading

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Unity List UPDATED!

Updated: 14 April 2014: This page is an attempt to compile a list of the Scottish prisoners-of-war who were deported on 11 November 1650 from England arriving at Charlestown, Massachusetts in December 1650 on the ship Unity. These approximately 150 Scottish prisoners of … Continue reading

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Our Need for Further Clarification of the Passengers’ Lists

I have been thinking about our need for alternate lists of “probable” and “possible” Scottish POWs which may have come on the ships Unity or the John and Sara. Because of the circumstances of our Scottish POWs’ entrance into the New World, … Continue reading

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James Pattison/Paterson/Patterson, Native of Scotland

Published on: 10 Feb 2014 Updated: 5 Aug 2017 Added: 11 Feb 2014 Submitted by Patrick Patterson – Patrick’s Book, Pattersons and Mareans: Seeding the American Revolution is now available at James Pattison Biography Constructed from the Genealogy of … Continue reading

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Scottish POW Yahoo Group

In August 2007, Eleanor Hall, started the “Scottish War Prisoners” Yahoo Group because the original “Scottish Prisoner of War” Yahoo Group had been badly spammed and the owner/moderator had gone walkabout ;). I am a co-moderator with Eleanor Hall for … Continue reading

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