Ebenezer Mackintosh, a Scottish Prisoner of War Descendant?

Sometimes all we have are bits and pieces of information and clues that tie us to the Scottish Prisoners of War. There may never be complete certainty but just a lot of circumstantial evidence that points us in that direction. A person’s surname, an historical note, or a family legend passed down may be all we have. Thanks to one of my distant Hamilton cousins I have this link to share with you today…

“The Ballad of Ebenezer Mackintosh: Gang Leader to Founding Father”

At the top of Boston’s wild mobs stood — well, sometimes stood, sometimes slumped and sometimes fell drunkenly — Ebenezer Mackintosh.

Tracing his heritage to a ship of Scottish prisoners captured in battle then shipped to the New World and bonded servants, Mackintosh was born to a family living at the lowest levels of colonial society. His father, Moses, was kicked out of Boston in 1753 as a non-self-supporting individual, having failed to find a living for himself and his son (his wife died two years earlier). When Moses left town as an outcast, his ambitious son stayed behind.”

From: How Boston’s Street Gangs Sparked the American Revolution

I don’t see a “Mackintosh” on either list but I do see “142. John “Toish” [Tosh?]: IWI, Bio.” on the Unity list and a “100. Henry Mack___?: NEHGS” plus another SEVEN men without surnames on the John and Sara.

It does seem that some historian has probably researched this man because of the part he played in the American Revolution, so if you are a Mackintosh, you should spend some time looking for more information about Ebenezer Mackintosh and his ancestors.

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