Images of the Scots’ Charitable Society Membership List

I have added copies of the images of the Scots’ Charitable Society membership list today to the blog/website. There are several of our Dunbar and Worcester prisoners of war in the list. Take a look!

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  1. Kevin McKinney says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I have yet to make myself known but, have long been a researcher of the Scots that came on the Unity and Jon and Sara……I truly feel I descend from a Unity prisoner but, am brick walled at Daniel McKenney in Kittery 1732. Daniel was involved with all the earlier families i.e. Grant’s, Hamilton’s, Gray’s and the rest. I reviewed the early Charitable Soceity membership list at NEHGS and though it has a lot of the early names , found it hard to validate which scot where. It actually was. Case in point John McKenney was he the Dedham McKenney’s or Scarborough Maine McKenney’s? Not to discourage researchers but, we are all looking for the truth. The Baker library at Harvard has a lot of the early Scot and Ironworks material but, they do not allow genealogy research.
    My current theory leads me to find out more about Alexander Macheneare , McQuinnery who first surfaces on a petition list here in York ME. 1662 ,his name has morphed into several different things which phonetically end up sounding like McKinney.
    Again thank you for all this work , this quest for a progenitor to my line has been my utmost quest for many years now.
    Kevin McKinney
    York harbor, ME.

    • Have you tried Google books for some clues or leads?

    • 94. Daniel M’Kay: UPL A thick Scottish brogue could make Daniel McKenney sound a bit like McKay…I know it can be difficult with so many of the names misspelled and in some cases they originally gave alias presumably to protect their families that remained in Scotland under Cromwell’s control? Do check out the google book on the Scots Charitable Society, too! There are more names in it. Have you considered DNA testing???

  2. Kevin McKinney says:

    Yes, we are involved in a DNA study,we actually have matched a MacDougall as well. We have exhausted all sources in New England and New York in the last 8-9 years.
    We do feel that DNA will actually solve the puzzle at some point.
    I was impressed when I found this website has it is active, and goes deeper than the usual Internet sites out there.
    My cousins and I are interested in sharing our work with others involved in the same goals.
    Do not your particular pedigree but, we have a Catherine McKenney married a Gabriel Hamilton in So Berwick mid 1700’s ia working from memory right now.

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